Hittiing The Wall!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 04mayb, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. I am doing a 10 mile run in march. This would be the first time i have ever run this far and at the moment i can do about 5 miles without feeling to bad. Would i hit "the wall"and if so what is it like.
  2. After 10 miles you shouldn't hit the 'wall', it is normally the 20 mile point on a marathon when you really start to struggle. All the feeling is: really heavy legs, blowing out of your hoop etc.

    Should 'plod' 10 miles a couple of times, get used to the distance.
  3. Im slowly working my way up to 10 miles so i can do it much more easier. Im doing at the school against a few pupilsand ex raf and ex marine teachers. My goal is to keep up with them
  4. If you see a wall coming... try and go around it.

    Otherwise you could hurt yourself. Hope this helps...
  5. or go through it m8
  6. Everytime I talk to people about long distance rnning they are on about hitting walls.

    I mean FFS, you see a wall, you go around it. Or at least stop before you hit it.

    Easy init. :roll:
  7. Training properly in preparation could be classed as blowing the shit out of the walls beforehand.......
  8. Feels like it's going to be impossible to take the next step. Everything is just insanely hard... its all in your head though (probably not true actually)...