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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Draft Dodger, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Marijuana decriminalised in Washington state

    So as i'm sure most of you already know the yanks (well the ones in Washington and Colorado anyway) have decided to legalise marijuana. assuming they go on to win any future argument with the federal government and buying, selling and using becomes legit in states that decide they want it could this affect attitudes and even laws here in the UK?

    basically how long until i can dig out a cypress hill album and start hacking a 2L coke bottle to pieces?
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  2. As long at they don't make it legal in Wahington DC, we should be ok.
  3. They've been smoking some pretty weird shit there for centuries!
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  4. There'd be no discernible difference if they made pot legal in DC!
  5. i'm not sure where Baz stands on this as it directly challenges the federal government but his liberal voting base will love it. personally i think its a stupid thing to criminalise as its pretty harmless, its available just about everywhere and if its legal you can tax the arse off it.

    hopefully many more US states decide to go up in smoke and we can hop on the bandwagon, Europe wouldnt want to get out liberal'd by the US after all.
  6. I'm not so sure on that. You cant kill yourself on it and the physical harm it does to you is mostly from burning it with tobacco, but back in my early 20's I saw a few heavy users seriously lose the plot on it, one who ended up being sectioned and is still off his rocker 10 years later. There is the argument (usually from the weed lovers) that they maybe already had underlying problems and that the weed just exarcerbated them, but it doesn't convince me it should be legalised.
  7. meh. % wise i reckon its an acceptable risk. we're drinking, smoking and eating ourselves to death at a rate of knots, it costs a lot to try (try and fail) to police, it helps fund criminals and we're missing out on tax. we've failed so miserably to police it that i dont think you'd see an explosion in irresponsible use because if it was legalised because if you want to use it now its so widely available there's nothing really stopping you.
  8. If it stops them picking fights in shitty places, then I'm sure the Dutch can set up a "Lend Lease" plan, and start shipping next week.
  9. Don't agree at all. I've seen some really messed up people during my brief stint as a Prison Officer; one in particular used to walk so close to the corridor walls (like the cockroach he was) and was so paranoid he should have been video'd and then used to scare children.
  10. okay, apologies. i accept that marijuana can affect people, and can do so negatively. However my point is i do not think more severe class of drug than alcohol or tobacco. its not good for you, but i dont think something which is so widely available and used by so many people should be illegal when booze and fags are not, that is my point.

    my question however is do you think the new laws in Washington and Colorado will be challenged by the federal gov, and if so, what then? and could that effect attitudes/legislation here?
  11. Yes, I second that. I had a few drags in college, but knew one regular smoker. It was harmless, less harmful than tobacco, everyone said so and how would we know any different. He was the smartest kid anyone knew, if we'd done that "most likely to suceed" poll it would have been him. He was fault-finding and repairing some very complicated electronic equipment that his seniors couldn't understand.

    And then it all went to rat shit. Paranoid schizophrenia, hasn't held a paying job in 25 years and turns into Jesus if he doesn't take his medication; utterly barking, one****ed up human being and one bright, genius brain wasted..

    The stuff I tried in college 30 years ago isn't the same as the skunk that's available now.

    Skunk cannabis smokers seven times more likely to suffer from psychosis | Mail Online
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  12. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Legalize it and tax it. The long term effects of overdoing it are not as bad as alcohol. With alcohol you have liver failure, heart problems and social problems ending in DT`s and Korsawkov syndrom. Alcohol makes people aggressive were as with grass you just don`t give a f***
  13. I'll be interested to see how they collect all the taxes on dope. All those drug dealers going legit and becoming worthwhile members of society.

    Will all growers be exempt paying any tax/duty like making home-brew?

    Or is the "sell it and collect the tax" argument just a load of bollocks spouted by people who just want to get stoned?
  14. Chances are the legal stuff wouldn't be anywhere near strong enough for those who love to get battered off it every night anyway due to regulation, so they would still be buying illegal superskunk from some dodgy chav.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Some of the most batshit dingbats I have ever encountered did not drink or smoke. One of them obsessively read the Bible. Aloud.

    Nutters exist. There it is. If you want to do cause & effect, get a trick cyclist in. They will make as much sense as the nutter, but at least you will have tried.
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