Hitlers Sunken Secret --- Were people Lied too ?

Allied intelligence got it wrong and sunk a ship unnecessarily.

So German nuclear research was transferred to civilian control. The Hydro shipment was destined for an experimental reactor project. It was of no military significance, which is why it was only lightly guarded. So it seems that the doubts the Norwegian resistance expressed about the value of sinking the Hydro were justified. Had Allied intelligence known what we know today, they might well have agreed that the shipment was not worth stopping


I'm afraid that it is a lame argument 60 years after the event to suggest that the sinking of the Hydra was unnecessary, based on what we know today. What is important is what they new then. Even if they weren't 100% confident the Germans were capable of creating 'the bomb' why would you take the risk? Better to eliminate the threat and all the better if the security was light.

Besides in a full scale global war plenty of ships are sunk unnecessarily.
NEO_CON said:
Allied intelligence got it wrong and sunk a ship unnecessarily.

How history repeats itself. Reminds me of a story of how US intelligence got it wrong and invited us to invade a sovereign state in pursuance of non-existent WMD's not so long ago...

Fascinating story - PBS are really great aren't they? You should look at some of their Iraq documentaries. They are very informative - recently they aired one about torture in Guantanamo/Iraq and how it was ok'ed by senior Yanks. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/torture/

But shouldn't this thread be moved to the military history section? I mean its a great story, but its about WWII and has no real bearing on current affairs today.

WAIT!!!... Hold on....

I just realised that by an amazing co-incidence this story DOES have meaning for today's current affairs. You see, this story demonstrates intelligence agencies have always made honest mistakes and these mistakes can lead to innocent lives being lost. One could argue the whole Iraq WMD debacle is very similar to this German heavy water story.

Neo_Con - Isn't it amazing how the mind works? especially yours? I mean you consciously saw no connection between these two stories or else you would have mentioned it directly. But clearly your subconscious mind has reached a guru-like, state of elevated awareness and it was your subconscious mind which made you put this story in current affairs.

Your mind may well be our best hope to repel the coming Martian invasion.

Another one of these things, when its happening you make the decision there and then, and then 60 years of hindsight to analyise it by someone who probablly doesnt have a clue what it was all about anyway, and pick the bones with it, are they gonna try the people who done it aswell?
There was a prog on National Geographic or History Channel/Discovery, about blowing up the ferry and then comming back in late 90's to raise a barrel of the cargo.
The barrel contained what they said it had, Heavy Water and the makers made the point that the resons it was not heavily Guarded was the decision taken in 1942 (?) that only short duration projects would have high priority.
The German Bomb was considered a very long term project so never had the Do Immedidiately, backing of the Nazi state.
All work was done on low priority and it would seem on a low security basis.
Would the Allies have wanted the Nazis to get Nuclear power anyway? We were spending a great deal of effort destroying the German energy-supply infrastructure so I doubt that a source of energy as efficient as nuclear would have been a good thing, not least because it would have freed up power station coal for other things such as ersatz petrol.

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