Hitlers Irishmen

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by HarryPalmer, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. How two former British soldiers ended up fighting in the Waffen-SS.....

  3. dont forget the British FreeCorps, A SS unit made up of Brits mostley from POW camps who had a hatred against the Reds or mixed parentage. Only got around 40 max i think from memory. But they did have a special UK insignia to wear on the SS uniform. 3 Lions on the collar lozange & a Union Flag arm shield badge as well.

    As for the Irish, without joining the UK forces, O'Duffy & his blueshirts went of to spain during the civil war to help out Franco & was a avid supporter of Adolf......(not to mention he was mad as a box of frogs).
  4. The Germans were more successful recruiting from Indian POWs - there were a number of Indian regiments formed within the Wehrmacht. I think that they were mainly on garrison/fortress or AA units. There were even Sikh batallions, with the turban incorporated into a modified Wehrmacht uniform.
  5. I think it was about company strength and was called the Company of St George or somesuch.
  6. The British Free Corps. Didn't even reach platoon strength; every time it got close someone started trouble and got a few to resign. A few of the insiders only joined to sabotage the whole effort.

  7. Didn't have any luck with Amazon after all, I got a copy from Waterstones.
  8. I must say that I don't disapprove of the Waffen-SS punishment for a recruit caught thieving from his mates during basic training - a good kicking from his entire company, followed by a posting to a suicide squad on the Russian Front.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Lucky that I was never caught...
  10. Ach away with the lot of ye!!!

    Begorrah!!! yes know nothing!!!!

    Donald Sutherland (Liam/IRA) was the best guy the jerries had!!!

    And jenny Aggutter (sp) was HOT!!!
  11. Can´t see anything wrong with it myself. What if it had been YOUR respirator, helmet or ammo whilst in Afghan?

    Fcuking theives, hate ém. Esp that (civvie) twunt who stole my radio (and smashed up my dash to get it) from my car. That guy would dream of having a company kicking and a postng to a suicide unit.

    Ref the British Free Corps. Most of their wartime actions included copious quantities of beer and the local frauleins.

    At least one of their member was involved in passing info back to teh UK.

  12. Wiki
  13. I was intrigued by the three lions on the collar, and can picture these lads heading back to the kaserne after a night on the lash singing "three lions on our shirt, Warsaw is still burning..."
  14. I once read Bruce Quarrie's 2 volumes on the SS, Hitler's Samurai IIRC and Hitler's Teutonic Knights. Outstanding books about the recruitment, training and actions they were involved in and a section on the FreiKorps too and where all the different units all ended up at the end of the war.
    Apparently popular punishment for dissident trainees was:
    To dig a foxhole/scrape in front of an advancing tank afore it minced yer brains.
    To stand to attention while a balanced stick grenade exploded atop your helmet (apparently it worked as the explosion went for the easy route ie: away from the helmet!!
    However, it says these punishments were well complained about by the Army hierarchy when they got to hear about it?!?!?!?!?

    Mind you, I remember as a kid on the TV - 'All our yesterdays', there was footage of Irish guys with a ground mounted AA MG overlooking a UBoat anchored in one of Eire's 'Neutral' coves. Better still, the Irish chaps were wearing German helmets!!!! How neutral was that???