Hitler's attempt to enter Heaven.

Hitler decides that he has spent too long in Hell and decides to go up to Heaven and apply for entry again. It turns out that St.Peter has got the day off and Jesus is standing in for him. Jesus looks at Hitler resplendent in his uniform and boots, and asks him what he wants. Hitler explains that he has resided in Hell since committing suicide, and he now wishes to be forgiven and allowed into Heaven. Jesus replied. "But you caused the second World War and are responsible for millions of deaths, along with the genocide of millions of innocent jews, why should we let you in?" Hitler said. "See this Iron Cross First Class I am wearing, if you can persuade your Father to let me in you can have it." Jesus looked at Hitler's Iron Cross and rather liked it. He said."I will ask my Father, but I cannot promise anything." Jesus then went and explained that Hitler wanted to be admitted as he believed he had suffered in Hell long enough. God replied. "No way my son he was responsible for the Second World War and the deaths of millions of innocent people, tell him to go back to Hell." Jesus responded, "But Father you are all about forgiveness, and Hitler says if you let him in, he will give me his beautiful Iron Cross." God replied. "What good would that be to you?" "You couldn't even manage to carry a wooden one without dropping it!"

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