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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Blyth_spirit, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good book comparing the rise and fall of Hitler and Napoleon?

    The comparisons are startling: risen from obscure backgrounds in times of strife to be european emperors, never quite invading Britain, getting stuffed trying to do over the russians etc, etc.

    I'm sure there are a number of decent histories comparing the two but can anyone recommend one?

    Many thanks
  2. There was a telly programme not so long ago by an author whose name I cannot remember, which isnt much help. It would have been on the big five, as I dont have any new fangled free/cable/dish stuff.
    He basically said that the Napoleonic Wars, ending as they did in the same century that saw emancipation, the industrial revoloution etc etc, were in fact the First World War, in that it was the rest of the known (to us) world, versus a nutter etc etc, Europe in flames etc.
    Not much help I know, but a trawl through the big telly companies might help, as I know the guy wrote a book about it aswell. Thinking back, I think his book was reviewed in the Sunday Times, or Saturday Torygraph
  3. I saw a programme about something or other a while or so ago on some channel or other. Was it the same programme?
  4. that's the one! you've nailed it!
  5. Hmmm never heard of anyone comparing the two before but as you say the comparisons are startiling

    substitute the Spansish for the Russians neither liked the British and had up til then been trying to knock the sh1te out of each other untill neccesity to fight a common enemy forces them together.
    Both suffered from organised partisan resistance. (tenuous that one I know)
    Both were defeated in North Africa.
    Both had military ability, not in the same league admittedly, that was degraded by bad health and bad treatment.
    I think the list could go on

    and after that off subject rant
    £14.99 Napoleon and Hitler a comparitive biography

  6. Errr, both foreign!
  7. Fact: Hitler and Napoleon both had only one testicle.

    What I Took From This: Some men need little tiny red sports cars, and busty blond 19-year-old girls to show that they still measure up...while others need to take over Europe.
  8. You don't need to substitute the Spanish for Russians! Have you not read/heard about Napoleons Russian campaign where villagers and Cossacks continually harassed the French retreat. Although the Spanish had been enemies of Britain many times before, many of the Spanish people welcomed the British. But your right about North Africa, both times the British were using multi-ethnic forces and became victorious.