Hitler - is there nothing the man can't do?


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Organise a successful putsch.
Make serjeant.
He could never teabag someone properly. Or get two Thai ladies to hum on his balls ... one's just never enough you see.
He couldn't win world wars to save his life.
Get into a Jewish only nightclub.
Do confession in a Synagogue.
Go to Isreal on a kabbutz.
Be served first in Silvermans.
Be invited as a guest speaker at the Holocaust Survivor's Annual dinner and dance.
Get a job as a circumcision doctor.
Play baby Jesus in a nativity play.

It's those pesky Jews ... they just don't like to forget.
Hitler - is there nothing the man can't do?

The problem with those last few Youtube clips is that if you can speaka da lingo and understand German then the "funny" just doesn't work.

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