Hitler failed to do by force what Blair achieves by stealth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sliding_doors, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. Vernon Coleman is a well known writer and commentator. I stumbled across his website which offers for sale what appears to be some interesting books spelling out the current dismantling of our country in a (so far) bloodless coup. He certainly raises some interesting arguments.

  2. I have never heard such a load of tripe in my life. Members of the armed forces swearing allegence to the EU? Utter nonsense with no basis in fact at all. Vernon Coleman is a committed self publicist with barely a grip on reality. SD how come you blame Blair for this? Have you forgotten that the two biggest events that took the UK into European integration took place under the Tories, first membership of the EEC (PM Edward Heath after a referendum) and it was Maggie herself who signed the Maarstricht Agreement. Finally Hitler never wanted a United States of Europe, he wanted living space for the German speaking peoples with the Reich at its centre, clearly not the same thing.
  3. Indeed it was under Conservative rule that we entered into the Common market and the ball started rolling that is now gaining great speed. Blair is the visible face of operations and as current Prime Minister he's responsible for what is occurring now. Certainly the dismantling of England is more clearly visible nowadays. The complexion of England is changing so fast and furiously and permanently. Coleman raises plenty of issues to get they old grey matter working that's for sure! :)
  4. SD, if you believe all that bo11ocks you might as well sit in the corner and dribble. That is all right wing anti 'everyone' dribble which streaches his very bias view of reality in order to reach the conclusions that suits his view on how life is.

    You'd get a more realistic view of the world by reading the Scum...... and that's saying something.
  5. He only mentions England. I wouldn't be too quick to damn him. This might be a good thing for the rest of us.
  6. I certainly agree with him that there is a plan to dismantle England and strip her of her national identity and culture. By allowing unchecked immigration in the way we are experiencing, the cultural and racial complexion of England is changing faster than ever which is leading to a complete devastation of our cultural identity.
    A country that loses it's identity is easy to meld with neighbouring countries that have also been stripped of their cultural identities. England is currently undergoing a bloodless coup(for now) which will lead to its demise. I certainly agree with him on that point.
  7. Vernon Coleman, Enoch Powell? Not everyone is totally wrong all of the time. And what's wrong with right wing if it highlights the problem? Oh I forgot, we'd all be racists then wouldn't we? Better get back in line. Free speech? Think of ARRSE and every other chat room in the land as Blair's Big Brother. We're fcuked mate.
  8. To shed a little more light on Vernon Coleman's life take a look at his biography, feck me who could argue against a man with credentials like these?

    "Professor Vernon Coleman is also a Royal Physician and member of the Ancient Royal Order of Physicians dedicated to His Majesty King Buddhadasa.
    In 2000, Vernon Coleman was awarded the Yellow Emperor's Certificate of Excellence as Physician of the Millenium by the Medical Alternativa Institute".

    Yellow Emperor? Whats the matter with him, jaundice?
  9. Yeah right, it's the EU destroying our civil liberties and turning this country into a police state isn't it.
  10. I like the way everything is labeled as "FACT" without anything to substansiate them. I think you are barking mad, or Warrior Poet under another username if you believe all this crap
  11. Surely though, by coming directly into line with EU immigration policies, we could no longer be perceived as a "soft touch"? I dare say that our NHS could also finally be kicked into touch. Why would an immigrant want to make a bee line straight for Blighty if our handouts and benefits were no different than any other EU member state? (On a lighter note, I think that Englands new blue football kit with the gold stars would look quite fetching)
  12. Excellent reason for joining the EU Skint Boy Mike:

    "Stay at home boys, it's just as sh1t here as it is where you are".

    "Well said Tony, I think you've got this immigration lark cracked at last". :D
  13. SD, what were you looking for when you "stumbled" across his website. Surly The BNP are easy to find, and you can get Mein Kampf from any bookshop
  14. Is SD now a right wing racist? Unfortunately unlike football we cannot spend millions on buying the best politicians!
  15. BNP? Mein Kampf? In the topic title I draw reference to Hitler's attempts to take England by force. This in no way implies my approval of Hitler or his intentions.
    Is it really now a requirement of everyone who mentions immigration in a discussion to have to first declare " Im not racist but..."