Hitler Dunkik Any Comments

John, as one old soldier to another stay away from there mate. Those sites just make me want to hunt them down and shoot them but that would make me like them. They are apologists and revisionists. Suggesting the Auswitz had swimming pools and cinemas, etc. They are a disgrace to humanity. They want publicity, they want to shock and they wanmt us to react. Ignore them.
jonwilly said:

I was sent the above by a US friend.
Yeah, here's a comment or two...

it's mad, evil crap. If your US friend is into this sort of drivel you should kick him/her hard in the balls/vag.

People putting this festering garbage on the net are pi55ing on the graves of the victims of hitler, and the graves of the brave men who fought him.

I'm all for free speech, but I'm all for, ahem, 'robust' responses to modern day nazis, hitler apologists and racist scumbags. Robust as in 'teeth on the pavement'.

Is that what you meant?

Mods: is this crap even legal?
Errm, at the risk of appearing to support this 'curate's egg' of a website, the information on the Dunkirk page is to a large extent fairly accurate if a little gilded.

Hitler is known to have wanted peace - albeit probably a short-lived one - with the British. His opinion that the best people to run the British Empire were the Brits is reported in the memoirs of people who knew him. He delayed his victory speech by many weeks in the hope that he could report a peace agreement with Churchill but was ultimately disappointed.

He viewed the BEF as a defeated force and was more interested in saving his armoured formations for the drive south. If they escaped to the UK they would be as good as imprisoned on their own island and eating their own rations. The aim of Seelöwe was simply to deny the UK as a forward mounting base for an assault on mainland europe which is why they never intended to push any further north than the Oxford-Chelmsford line. That said, his attitude to the British changed after May-June 1940 following rejection of his peace overtures by Churchill. (BTW, has anyone else heard the story that the peace negotiations were held at Minley Manor and that the twin lines of poplars were a gift from Churchill? They supposedly mark the landing strip that Hess used in 1940.)

Arras (and arguably Cassel, Hazebrouck and Calais) might not have upset either Rommel or Guderian but they didn't half rattle the German General Staff by highlighting both the vulnerability of the knife-like armoured thrusts and the uniform tenacity of the BEF (as opposed to the French who put up a chequered performance).

There were other reasons for stopping the armour where he did, not least because the canal-rich area around Dunkirk was not tank country.

Other than that, the site is clearly written by a barking-mad neo-con...but then there's no shortage of those these days.
(BTW, has anyone else heard the story that the peace negotiations were held at Minley Manor and that the twin lines of poplars were a gift from Churchill?
No, but I did hear a story about who Churchill may have met in June 1940 :D

Cracking book , but some of the details are scary
He does seem to have a bit of a fixation on Jewish people. At one point , I was reading through it and thought "Hang on, there's someone here he hasn't called a Jew. Oh, it's Hitler :( "

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