Hitler does JOTAC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Alan Partridge, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Pretty accurate, I thought.


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  2. Won't open for me (FF 22 & IE 10) - anyone else?
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  3. Beaten to it!
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  4. Don't get me Snickers from Londis is now my new catch phrase! OP - you have made a shite day slightly less shite.
  5. Works for me Google Chrome 22 but I've seen this before.
  6. Superb! Made my evening.
  7. Loved it. Especially about the cheese board

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  8. I smiled - I didn't have to do the full four weeks, being a STAB and all :)

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  9. Good work whoever made it
  10. I'm still chuckling at this - brilliant!

  11. There's not much I wouldn't do for an exquisite cheese board.
  12. DaveTA - do me a favour and get me a snickers........ from Londis :)

    And have to admit, the cheeseboard at tea is the only reason I joined.
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