Hitler a scouser?

No wonder he got his mates to try to bomb the crap out of the place...
Correct, Hitler does indeed tick all the boxes:

Takes what doesnt belong to him
Blows shit up
Funny accent
Persecution Complex

Then again, I don't recall seeing any pics of old Adolf sobbing at a roadside shrine erected to someone he doesn't know and has no connection to...
Got the 'tache too, although the perm needs a bit of work. Do Scouse emos exist?
He's rumoured to have once held down a job, which might explain why he moved to Austria.

Hounded out in shame.
Did any of his relatives die at Hillsborough?
6 million of them and it's a crime to be a Hillsborough denier and blame the Scousers for it. Mind you, there are those who think he was on to something of a winner with his Scouse Squad led Yoofanasia program.

"If he invades Poland, we'll stop his giro."
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I have here medical evidence that Hitler was born in Penny Lane and only has one testical.

Dey do doh don't dey......
Anyway - its a proven fact that Hitler lived in Somerset, not Scouseland


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