Hitler "a cowardly pig"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. "Only 2% of veterans from the 16th BIR had joined the Nazi party by 1933." How does that compare with general veteran membership I wonder?

    If Hitler was unpopular and an Etappenschwein, then how does that square with his sudden acquisition of charisma and popularity later? I have often thought that the hitler of the WW1 pictures loooked very different physically to the Hitler of the Nazi era. not just older but physically very dissimilar.
  2. You are correct about the piccie.Not convinced about it.
  3. Unpopular maybe, but didn't he win the Iron Cross in the trenches, albeit 2nd class?

    This article disputes the fact he was a coward :- First World War.com - Feature Articles - A Slow Fuse - Hitler's World War One Experience
    see extract below!
    "Hitler, much as we would like him to have been a coward and a shirker, was in fact a very good soldier. He remained calm under fire, showed respect to his superiors and never questioned his orders. Whilst casualties mounted and morale fell away, Hitler unstintingly carried on with his duty. He was rewarded with a promotion to Lance Corporal.
    As the fighting continued the List regiment was used in a number of assaults just to the south of Ypres. Facing the French this time, the Germans received yet another mauling. Hitler earned an Iron Cross 2nd Class in an engagement near Croonaert Wood, Wytschaete. During the fighting and under heavy fire, Hitler, now appointed Meldeganger (a dispatch runner), stumbled across a seriously wounded officer left out in the open.

    Along with a friend, he managed to pull the wounded man back to safety. Hitler received his award in December 1914. The action at the First Ypres decimated his regiment. Hitler wrote to his Munich landlord reporting that only 600 men were left out of approximately 3500. Colonel List was among the fatalities."
  4. If you read Dr Weber's book it appears his Iron Cross was a bit of a "REMF's MBE"-esque one, rather than a "sturm und drang", kicking his way into a dugout and with trench knife and parabellum sorting out a dozen husky Australian bombers one.
  5. it seems he got both 1st(1918 and 2nd class (1916) but there is some doubt being cast upon the EK1 as a NAZI after thought.As I understand this view Hitler as a 'runner' was simply an HQ 'postboy' and all HQ staff were given the EK" to look the part!
  6. Looking at the photo he appears to be kicking back in a warmer climate...the footwear becomes understandable even if not wholly acceptable!
  7. He probably likes tofu & lentils as well, can't wait for his views on Churchill!
  8. Cuddles - there is NEVER an excuse for long trousers and sandals, NEVER.

    To add to my earlier post, surely even a Bn runner was within effective fire range. I understand ( from a professional WW1 historian) that runners of all types were delberately targeted by gunners and snipers. Any historian that bases a book on such flimsey sources as one letter deserve to be ridiculed. If a first year undergraduate had done this, any half decent lecturer would fail the paper.

    I put this bloke somewhere south of Allan Clark for professional contribution to the topic.
  9. To be fair "Hitler was actually a bit of a ****" isn't exactly unexpected as a shocking historical revelaton. What might have been worthy of interest would have been for example..."Hitler was life and soul of 16 BIR concert party", "Hitler gave CPR to rabbits stunned by artillery shell whilst under observed MG fire" or "Hitler - mistaken identity finally proved. Auschwitz "all an error"" might be...
  10. Being a combat veteren that he was makes it all the more baffling why he allowed his men to be treated like cannon fodder. Stand to the last man , last bullet etc instead of remembereing what those orders would have meant to Cpl Hitler in 1914-18. The non issue of winter clothing on the eastern front in the first winter, the slaughter at Stalingrad because of the prestige of capturing a city that bore his enemies name, perhaps he was working to a different agenda? Who's to say some smart intelligence organisation from a country that would soon be at war with Germany didn't recognise that Hitler was a threat and top him and replace him with a doppleganger working for them.......hmmmm might be a book in it!!! Don't take it to seriously Im being light hearted here.
  11. Could that be a Hitler Walt ?
  12. My reading (and I've now no idea where I read it, so references aren't provided) was that the Nazis didn't make a lot of Hitler's iron cross because the officer who had made the recommendation was Jewish.

    His bravery was also questioned in the German press, before 1933. A former CO wrote to say that the decoration had been earned; Hitler and another had placed themselves in the line of fire, in front of the CO, since they were concerned that he was a likely target.

    I am not an admirer, I sincerely hope he is burning in the hottest region of hell. Making him out to be a cowardly geek doesn't help explain his attraction to the German voters.
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Easymoney, your qn may be explained by something that seems to affect a lot of leaders - the idea gets into their head that they are the successful leader, the followers are not, therefore the followers are not worth the same consideration they give to themselves. In Hitler's case towards the very end when his paranoia had really gone ape, he decided that because Germany had lost the war, the German people didn't deserve him and his brilliant leadership, and deserved to have their country destroyed round their ears (they did deserve that, but not for that reason!). This has been going on all through human history with slaves, wives and servants murdered and chucked on into the leader's grave or onto his pyre. A version can be seen inbusiness where an underling (who may nevertheless be on a nice fat salary) is presenting to his director or whoever. The boss is sitting in his mahogany-panelled office, not really listening, and thinking 'I have mahogany panelling, this man does not, therefore my ideas are superior to his so it is very gracious of me to go through the motions of listening'. I call this mahogany wall syndrome. Company after company has gone bust because of it, sometimes because the underlings have baled out, set up on their own, and run the parent company out of business.