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Hitler’s V-weapons

Hitler’s V-weapons


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Review by @Dark_Nit

This book is a reprint of a book originally written in 1950 with various typos and other errors removed. The 1950 publication was in turn a compilation of reports written at the time. It is a chronological record of the British side of the struggle against Hitler’s V1 and V2 weapons which extends from spring 1943 to March 1945.

The book is broken into seven chronological sections dealing with:

The decline of the German air force and identification of the...​

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Might be an interesting read (on sale from 17 September).
V2: A Novel of World War II by
Robert Harris
"From the best-selling author of Fatherland and Munich comes a WWII thriller about a German rocket engineer, a former actress turned British spy, and the Nazi rocket program."


Harris's books are always worth reading. I think his best was "Enigma". Although in that book, the motivation of the Polish traitor doesn't seem very convincing. The Pole is trying to help the Nazis win WW2, in order to get revenge for Britain's silence over the Soviet massacre of Polish officers at Katyn in 1941.

Is that a plausible motive for a Polish patriot? How would helping the Nazis win the war be in the interests of Poland. If the Nazis had won, Poland and its people would've been permanently eradicated. Didn't the traitor realise that? That seems to me a fundamental flaw in the book.

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