Hitler’s Tank Destroyers

Hitler’s Tank Destroyers


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Hitler’s Tank Destroyers - Images of War series

This book is in glossy ‘picture book style.’ It comprises a series of a few hundred images of various self-propelled anti-tank guns , each image with a written detailed description. The images appear to have been taken by German soldiers and not ‘official German army photographs,’ therefore some , though interesting are of a lower quality. Most of the images which deal mainly with the Russian Front, shows the great expense that Germany went through to counter the Russian T34. The German tank...
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Well, Panzerjager I wasnt designed to fight the Soviet T-34 but the French Heavies. It's Czech 47mm would only piss off a T-34 crew
If Germany had put a bit of sloped armour on the front of the Pz IV and focused on that and the Stug III instead of trying to rush the Panther, Tiger, Ferdinand etc into production they may very well have held the Russians off a little longer to hand Berlin over to us and the Yanks.

The KWK40/L43 and L48 was more than capable against the T-34 upto a properly tested Panther was available.
I think the Germans displayed a certain amount of dogmatism and lack of imagination in their TD designs. You have thought that, given the tactical situation in Russia from January 1942 onwards - i.e. mostly defence, retreat, improvisation - they could have done with a shoot and scoot design something like the British Archer, with gun facing to the rear.


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I bought this book off Amazon on Friday night, following your recommendation. It arrived today. What with all the football on this afternoon, I haven't been able to do anything but slowly flick through. However, I completely agree that it is a great book and well worth the sale price of £12=18 and probably a lot more.
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