Hither Green 'burglar' stabbing: Man, 78, arrested

Would it be insensitive for the locals were to line the streets waving inflatable screwdrivers when and if this proposed cortege passes.

If the police don't like this then maybe the inflatables could be pinned to fences along the route as this appears to have been deemed acceptable by the local constabulary.
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I for one would like to see the modern take on a Viking funeral, with enthusiastic elements of Hindhu Sati thrown in.

The deceased would be set alight in his caravan with all of his worldly possessions. His wife and female relatives would then immolate themselves.
I believe proper Gypsys used to do something like that, burning the caravan of the deceased.
I am so glad I went to work today
even if it was difficult and I got covered in shit
much better than getting stressed out over some one else argument
chill out peeps
feel de lurve
...I also read today that one of the extended family asking that they be allowed to mark good old Henry's birthday with respect by laying flowers there one more time and remarking that they would then never "return to this shit street".

It occurred to me that the residents of said street would have preferred that Henry and his loser pal had never visited in the first place but they didn't get their wishes respected did they?


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Coincidentally, I've just arrived home to find someone's had quite a good attempt at forcing my front door open. It's an odd feeling of unease when it happens to you.

Still, at least I've been provided with a crime reference from a call-centre.
Your next event will be a letter or call from a Victim Support organisation in case you want someone to talk to .
The one who rang me wasn’t too impressed with what I had to say. Well she started it. She asked what I thought about the event.

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