Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Where have they all gone?
    I went to see my Mummy who lives in mid Wales on Saturday.Obviously M25/M4 a bit light on hitchers,but not a one on the A417 or A49.Came home this morning,still none to be seen.Years ago almost every Mway junction had two or three with their tatty cardboard signs saying "North" or "Plymouth" or wherever.
    Several years ago I picked up a bloke and his girlfriend in London and took them to Bristol,really nice couple and certainly helped the trip go by more quickly.
    Are people still hitching?
  2. See people hitching sometimes but I'm usually working and the firm has definite 'views' on us having unauthorised passengers.

    Plus, the movies lie.
    It's never raging nymphomaniac half naked 20 year old girls you see on the side of the road.
    It's always grotty looking hippy type blokes who look like they haven't washed in a couple of years.

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  3. The last proper one was murdered back in 2011.
  4. It seems to be dying out. Everyone's paranoid about strangers nowadays. I like to pick hitch hikers up when I can, used to do it all the time when I was a kid so I'm paying it back now. I've fancied trying a hitchhiking backpacking trip around Europe or something like that, though all my mates seems convinced its a good way to get murdered when I ask them if they want to join me.
  5. Lack of hitchikers, reason = Paranoia of rape/death/theft on both parts.

  6. By the virtually the same token the people that stop tend to be a little 'leftfield'.
    Did it a few times in my youth, ended up regretting it almost every time.

    The population is generally better off than in the past, Intercity buses are regular these days and subsidised for most low income groups. I'm sure you'd be amazed by how many unemployed persons from around the UK had interviews in Gloucestershire during the last week in June. So there's a lot of incentive knocked out of it.
  7. I hitch hiked a few times to and from gigs during my Punk Rocker days. A Punk mate of mine in Scotland hitches all the time, across the UK and Europe. He often wears a yellow hi-viz and sometimes carries what can pass for trade plates to increase his chances of a lift. Occasionally he tells me he got a lift off a squaddie or ex-squaddie, so maybe some of you lot have picked him up.

    When I was at Catterick in 93, a mate from Ayrshire would get one of the lads to drop him at Scotch Corner, then hitch home from there. On his first go, he was picked up by a lorry driver who got on the CB radio, and jacked up his next lift a bit further on. The following Friday, the same driver picked him up again, and did the honours with the CB.

    Another time, he was picked up by an Irishman. Now, due to our state of war against the IRA, he wasn't gonna say he was a squaddie, so he made up some bullshit story about working on a building site down South, and that the job had finished. The Irishman told my mate he was a Christian, and that when he got home, he and his family would pray for my mate to find a job within the month. As he was dropped off, the Irishman offered him £30 to help him out. And yes, he took it.
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  8. Actually ...

    Way back in the 80s I gave a lift to a couple and they turned out to be very good people. We exchanges address (they lived in the same town). We met up after. We started chatting, went out to the pub, played board games (honest) met more of their friends. After a few years later one of them offered me a job, which I still have. So you could say that was a life changing decision to pick up those hitchhikers.
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  9. I don't do small talk.
    Which sort of makes for poor hitching relations.
  10. I'm just a jack cunt who prefers to drive by all smug.
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  11. Especially if their little badly written sign say they're going to exactly the same place as you?

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  12. I picked one up years ago at Sandbach services from where he wanted to go to Scotland, I was going to Dundee so he had it cracked. After 5 mins of awkward silence he asked to be dropped off at the next services which suited me fine as he seemed like a right freak!
    Used to see a lot of young girls hitching in France and wonder now haw many have been killed and/or raped by lorry drivers since then.
    We are not allowed to take passengers of any kind in the trucks on our firm and the boss drives as well, get caught and its a sackable offence.
  13. In the cold rain :)
  14. Christmas eve just gone rolling into Christmas Day I pulled up on the M62 leading to the A63 for a bloke walking towards Hull. I thought its Christmas ill give him a lift. Scruffy looking oik gets up to the car with what looked like nunchucks in his pockets and was a right fucking weirdo. I drove about 5 minutes before he asked to get out and that is why I will not pick them up.
  15. Driving back to camp after a weekend at home, kit pressed imaculate hung on rear hangers, sees two blokes giving it thumbs, I nod and said get in, I paid for the petrol got in and off we went southbound. About 5 minutes of silence guy in the back says "In the army are ye" in the broadest norn iron accent.

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