Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy .

I just realised that the THGTTG is the ancestor of websites like TripAdvisor/Rough Guides etc.
John Lloyd said on the BBC R4 Front Row programme on Tuesday night that The Guide was like a proto-iPad.

Edit to add:

The H2G2 website was one of the first web forums I joined. Haven't been in since I was flamed off years ago, just looked & it's still going!
Not sure why but the extended version does not come up on the radio player app.
Thats the BBC for you, getting one app to work correctly is an achievement for them. You probably need an upgrade to a slightly different version of shyt.
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The first three episodes were all a bit confused and would probably mystify a newcomer.

They got the first Trump joke in within five minutes. “Make Alpha Centauri Great Again”.

Best joke was in Episode 1. Stephen Hawking introduces himself as the Guide Mk.II and says “I was very popular. Some people even read my books”.

Next best joke was when the Paddy planetary owner was interviewing new Gods and asks Cthulhu if he was dead. “No, not exactly dead. More dreaming” and squelches off.

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