Hitchens: "A chainsaw massacre... where the cost cutters end up spending £92bn MORE"

A chainsaw massacre... where the cost cutters end up spending £92bn MORE - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog

What cuts? My favourite two facts about British public spending are these. Housing benefit, probably the single most fraudulent and wasteful state handout ever invented, costs more each year than the Army and the Royal Navy combined.

And while Labour spent £600 billion (roughly £10,000 for every human being in this country) in their last year in office, the supposedly vicious cutter George Osborne plans to spend £692.7 billion (£11,500 per head) in 2014-15, after his alleged chainsaw massacre. Britain remains bankrupt in most important ways.

We spend more than we earn. We pay huge numbers of people to do silly jobs, or to do nothing at all while pretending to be ill. Our public services, about which we are all supposed to be so sentimental, are often dreadful. And where this is so, it is usually not because of a shortage of money.

A good, well trained and dedicated doctor cannot be bought with cash, any more than a conscientious nurse or a clean hospital ward can be obtained by spending more. A smart new hospital building can be hosting MRSA within months of opening. Its nurses – now armed with costly and useless so-called degrees, but often lacking the dutiful discipline of their forebears – can still leave the old to die of dehydration or to fester in their own filth.

Comprehensive education is designed to be inferior to selective schooling, but is supposed to make us more equal, the fundamental purpose of our more- or-less communist state machine. Which is why politicians impose it on other people and use every wile and trick to avoid it for their own children.

Local government is an out-of-control disgrace, employing thousands of people on salaries they could never command in the real world, doing (or not doing) things that nobody wants, but shrieking predict*ably that the ‘cuts’ will force them to shut libraries and leave parks neglec*ted while the condom outreach workers multiply, the twinning trips continue and swollen ‘Chief Executives’ pay themselves the sort of salaries most of us cannot even dream of. But above all, like drug dealers ensuring a continuous clientele, we get people used to the idea that the State will provide – starting with the much-abused Educational Maintenance Allowance.

Given that our frightful state schools cannot train most of their pupils in the basic skills of work, this creates a huge pool of people who are permanently unemployed and unemployable – quite needlessly. For there is work – as the hard-working migrants from Eastern Europe who do so much of it daily prove. It is just not paid at the fantasy wages we seem to think we are entitled to. This cannot continue for ever. My own guess is that it will be swept away some time soon by a wave of terrible inflation, which will destroy the provident and the prudent as well as the parasites, and which finally will reduce this country to the Third World status it seems so anxious to attain.

The idea that the present Government is somehow facing the truth and acting boldly is ridiculous flattery, and we should stop encouraging it.
Spot on. Always did like Hitchen's rants - and those of his brother too.

I have urged him many times to start a new political party, as I am sure there would be backing for it, and yet he dismissed the idea out of hand. Not sure why.
Peter Hitchens on starting his own party:

Peter Hitchens said:
So, yes, start my own party. Easy, isn't it? You just go down to Ikea and buy a flat-pack Party, and then, after a few false starts, you assemble it. Then you put up 600-odd candidates, get treated as a serious force by the BBC and the media, and, without any need for money or broadcasting time, compete on equal terms with the two dead parties which nonetheless have Lord Ashcroft or the Trades Unions. Next thing you know, you're in government. No, that can't be right, can it? And it isn't. The bottomless silliness and thoughtlessness of people who say 'Start Your Own Party' reflects rather badly on them. Think, for goodness sake, before you speak. It is my guess that Tim has never in his life actually thought about the political process in this country, because, as an insider, he has never had to. Well, will he please do so now. It will be thinking to some purpose.

As I have many times said (though Tim seems not to have noticed) a new party can't be created until the millions - the ones who vote tribally at general elections for whatever is put in front of them - see the need for it. They won't do that unless and until the Tory Party is plainly broken and finished. A few years ago, I decided my old garden shed was rotten and decrepit. To make space for the replacement, I had first to recognise this was true, and secondly to clear out the contents, and then demolish and cart away the wreckage of the old one. So it is with the Tory Party. In our two-party system, there will be no new party until there is, obviously, a need for one and a vacancy for one. That vacancy is what I am trying to create, by urging the public to sack our useless Opposition, which has entirely surrendered to the egalitarian, sexually revolutionary, internationalist ideology of Britain's enemies. It will be almost two decades before we shall have another such opportunity, since an election victory will re-invigorate the near-corpse of Toryism (while doing nothing for the country).
A riposte to Tim Montgomerie - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog

Dates from shortly before the general election, obviously.

Are you in correspendence with Hitchens, tekirdag?

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