Hit them hard

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spurdog, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. another 6 lives lost , R.I.P Guys heroes forever.
    when are we gonna start hitting these bastards back,to hell with the heart and minds campaign we have lost to many good people.
    hit them hard . finish it and let our soldiers come home.
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  2. No. Don't be silly.
  3. Are you a cadet or EDL?

    Or just a dick?
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  4. Hit who hard, exactly? If it were that simple, do you think we wouldn't be doing it already?
  5. Quite possibly all three.
  6. Oh please just fucking choke yourself to death.

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  7. Besides, it doesn't work, they hit me hard and I'm still a cunt.
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  8. I think the OP has a point. It worked for the Russians.
  9. But not a complete cunt, eh?;-P
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  10. Yeah, let's do 'em. Lets do the whole god damn village.

    Er, could you just point us in the right direction of which village we'll find "these bastards" in though?

    Can this thread be put in the naafi please? i know it's not big or clever to swear at children, but it is fun.
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  11. Oh I don't know. Perhaps we need to stop pussy footing around fixing them with small arms and anti tank weapons until fast air comes and demolishes the entire compound they're in.
  12. How dare you question the subliminal brilliance of his/her analysis and recommendation!!

    Clearly you have either no in-theatre experience or you have been brainwashed into wishy-washy liberal ways to wage war.

    What we need to do is get rid of the soft hats and the smiles. We need to get out on patrol heavily armed and protected by the best armoured infantry fighting vehicle around. That'll show the locals we really mean business. The'll run/surrender at the first sight of a bit of British steal and 30 tonnes of FV501!
  13. I think the OP has a point.

    I hope he throws himself on it.
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  14. i've served
    my son is serving
    i want him and every other person who is serving to come home safe and well
    i am patriot
    does that make me a dick or edl if so fuck you wanker
  15. Or the hole would work just as well.

    Now I can call the idiot child a turbo-thunder-cunt. Weird how it makes me feel better.