Hit squad arrested in Ireland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SwissBob, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Hit squad arrested in Ireland over plot to murder Swedish cartoonist:

    "Police in Ireland have arrested seven people over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog." The Daily Politics
  2. Well, we certainly all know how dangerous cartoons can be. In order to preserve peace and an air of understanding this guy just has to go.
  3. Well it was only a matter of time something like this would pop up here.
    There have been rumblings for years about the guys (and girls) th Gardai and G2 have been watching.
  4. just updated the story with the latest news:

    "those arrested were foreign-born Irish residents, mostly from Yemen and Morocco"
  5. Not the owld semtex mob contracting out I suppose?
  6. I thought it was a Danish cartoonist who had caused offence ??

    Or do all those Scands look the same to 'Irish residents'???

  7. Islamic terrorists in Ireland? Reminds me of Frankie Boyle's reaction to the attempted suicide bombing at Glasgow Airport:

    "How dare these Muslims try to bring their religious extremism and violance to Scotland - they don't even have a football team!" :twisted:
  8. There were a few cartoonists..
  9. Lifted in Waterford....Abra ka Stabya and McDonalds must be short of staff tonight.
  10. must be a little different to the usual stuff the local Gardai have to deal with...
  11. "Foreign born Irish residents, mainly from Yemen and Morocco"

    Well why not just call them Yemeni and Moroccan then??

    Really, if they're not careful these terrorists will give The irish a bad name!!
  12. The cartoonist lives ina remote Swedish village. The investigation included not only the garda but also the CIA, FBI and presumably whatever their Swedish equivelent is.
  13. You just broke the Sarcasm Radar! 8O :twisted:
  14. They weren't the local's....SDU/NSU/ERU ect ect