Hit & Run

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by spike7451, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Today,while going down the town I witnessed a hit & run,Basically between two row's of houses off a main road is a large,wide ally with resident parking at each side which leads to the rear of these property's.
    The's also a path leading up to my estate at the end of the ally.
    While coming down the path on my way to town,I witnessed a car driven by an OAP reverse into the rear drivers side of a parked car & drive off.What caught my attention was the high revving of the cars engine as he reversed & then drove off in the opposite direction.The's no way you could fail to miss hitting the parked car.
    I took the runners registration & gave it & my details to the neighbor of the parked car who was'nt at home.
    I've just given my statement to the PSNI who called round.
    But I'm feeling a little guilty reporting it but I think I did the right thing.
  2. well wouldn't you want someone to tell you if it had been your car which was hit? "Do as you would be done by........."
  3. If the OAP drove off ,because they DIDN`T know ythey had hit a car then definatley YES, you did the right thing.
    How long before some poor Motorcyclist parks in the side of said duffer because they diddn`t see the bike either?
  4. How long before the old duffer hits and kills some one on the road?
  5. My wee brother was knocked off his motorbike and suffered back injuries by an old boy that "didn't see him" the fact he was directly infront of him, 6'4" and covered in bright leathers didn't seem to make him stand out. Luckily my brother only has a little back pain but the bike was a write off, which he was more upset about rather than the thought of a wheel chair.
    Sued the old boy, for damage to the bike (none of this injury lawyers for you) and the fella was made to re-sit his licence.
  6. You witnessed a crime. You reported a crime. Why feel guilty?
  7. If all of us reported every offence we witnessed we'd all have no friends and hardly any family not in nick!!!

    Joking aside, well done that man!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Slightly because he was an OAP BUT in hindsight,he was driving a new Audi according to the PSNI,so the guilts gone.
    Living in Norn Iron I was more worried about a baseball bat around the scone accompanied by "You's grassed up my granda,you's Brit b'stard!"
  9. Would you have felt the same guilt if it were a Saxo with an assortment of Halfords and B&Q plumbing kit festooned on the outside? As already said, you witnessed a crime, you reported a crime and the owner of the parked car can now make a claim without the hassle of the MIB. Job jobbed.
  10. Must admit that's what I thought when you posted this, have too be a little careful? Just clain to be Protholic.