Hit and run, partial registration taken.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by BaldBaBoon, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Whilst waiting in a traffic queue today in a supermarket carpark, I was sidewsiped off my bike by a car entering onto the main road from a side junction.

    As I was at walking speed and its a big tough old off road bike, no injuries to me and no damage to the bike...however, as I was picking the bike up after informing the driver of his ancestors preference for molesting donkeys and such....the bastard drove off.I couldn,t give chase as such, mainly because the bike had only just missed an occupied baby buggy being pushed by a mum and she was quite understandably in a panic.

    I got a partial registration and the make and colour of the car and another car driver behind me got the same...I think between us we are pretty certain of 5 of the vehicles registartion number and car type/colour.

    Is this enough for the Police to go on....or am I stuffed without a full registartion?
  2. I can only suggest that you give it a try. If you give them a full description of the vehicle as well, that should be enough for them to go on.
  3. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I would suggest narrowing your list down by working out every possible combination of the felons number plate, then visit each owners house until you recognise the guilty party.
  4. By the time you've got round to posting on here, getting advice on what to do it's really a bit late.

    If you were that serious you'd have called the rozzers already.
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Leaving the scene of an accident is an offence. As is failing to report an accident.

    Turn up at your local cop-shop dark and early morra, taking with you a note of all that you wish to include in your witness statement (you may not need to make one but hey), have a note of all of the witnesses (esp the mother of the baby which nearly met its' end) and report the accident so that you can make an insurance claim for the damage to the front forks on your bike.

    You get a crime number to use on any claim that you might need to make (and it's not your fault), and the bizzies will chase down the owner of the ox-blood coloured landy with the last three of "XYZ".
  6. Yep, they can do a partial search, then narrow it down based on description
  7. Report it. The fuzz might well pull up some good CCTV from the car park or an approach road.
  8. Good luck, in the eyes of our lovely 'crime recording service', as a cyclist you deserved it.
  9. A partial plate search can be done on the vehicle keepers index. I know, I used to be a PNC user. Any copper tells you it can't be done is just being lazy.
  10. Pity you couldnt follow him, A kevlar armoured gloved fist through the drivers window at the next set of lights would have probably sorted the whole thing with no need for police involvement.
  11. Ask the Rozzers to check the super market CCTV, all big chains have it and mist keep it for 30 days so you assailant should be on camera.
  12. Thanks for the input Drivers_Log

    I thought The Police being there to enforce the law was what leaving the scene of an accident was all about. Not being a qualified BMW mechanic, I am in no position to give a qualified view on what damage has been done to my bike un til its booked in on Monday morning.

    Any suggestions how I can be more careful than actually riding in a queue at walking speed on a main road whilst on a bright white ******* bike while wearing fluro jacket and headlights on will be much appreciated.
  13. Did not mention in OP, I had already reported the incident to the Police at a station and filled in the inevitable incident report form/witness/sketch etc. about 30 minutes after the RTA.
  14. Sprained ankle? sore neck?

    Injury road accidents have to be reported, and are subsequently more likely to be investigated.
  15. Don't let the twat waste anymore of your time if there is no full reg or CCTV.

    I was out cycling and a knob pulled out on me out a roundabout, then he proceeded to try and knock me off on purpose and then pulled along side threatening to smash my face in, demanding that I pull over for a fight, I was not in the mood to get knicked for filling in a middle aged speccy four eyes albino who had to wear tinted lenses in broad daylight so I just rode on.

    Plod station was literally a minute away so I reported it as a crime against the person and not a traffic offence. I had the full reg, his description and the exact time and place.

    He wasn't knicked but they were banging on his door about 15 minutes after he did it as ********* had shat on his own doorstep and was obviously known to them, they were not impressed with him having a child in the car either when he did it, looked about 6.

    Strangely he wasn't so keen to punch it out next time he saw me.

    Plod will look into incidents as it's often a bad driver that has no Tax/MOT or is wanted for something else. That's why they drive off when they have a prang.
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