Hit and Run in UK under BFG insurance - Help!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Eligius, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Ok, here's a conundrum. Whilst back in the UK from Fally I was involved in an RTA where the other driver left the scene straight away. I was stopped at lights and he whacked me from behind. I managed to get his registration and called the police immediately who attended and took all the relevant details.

    Now for the tough bit. It's going to cost over a grand to sort my wheels, and AXA (German car insurance) aren't interested in helping my claim (it's some Germany thing). Clearly I want to claim on that scumbag's insurance, but the rozzers won't tell me anything (Data protection etc).

    Does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing, or any tips for sorting this bloody mess out?
  2. Believe me it's a long drawn out process, I'm sorry to tell you!! You have to instruct a Solicitor to contact the Police etc etc dont know the full ins and outs, happened to a pal of mine last year. Believe me the law is an arrse!!
  3. If you had been going a couple of miles an hour over the limit the rozzers would have shown a very keen interest.

    Sorry that was no help to you at all but surely it is their job to follow up crimes like this, you made it easy enough for them.
  4. Could Army Legal help do you think?
  5. That "some Germany thing" may be your downfall, German insurance has a little clause somewhere in the policy that says you should inform them if you are travelling outside of Germany. Much like the Brit green card insurance system. Hope you have a friendly pads wife clerk in Fally AXA who might "find" the paperwork!

    This info is a bit old but is probably still correct!

    Good Luck!
  6. My bold, I thought that stopped with the new EU rules on pan european insurance?
  7. Think Whitehorse is correct that all EU-issued motor insurance has automatic "green card" cover for all EU countries and that you do not have to inform the insurance company of travel plans. (Then again, its quite likely that a German or French company is legally able to ignore EU law, as its generally only UK that follows the rules....).

    You should also be able to eventually obtain compensation from the UK motor insurers' pool: this is a fund set up to pay out in cases of uninsured drivers, etc (about 50% in Uk, I gather...). Best route is a claims solicitor - plenty will do no win/no fee sort of thing. Write down as much as you can about the Police involvement - if necessary think of a way of locating the officer at the scene and getting an ID.

    I was knocked off my motorbike by an old Ford escort van. 12 stoned chavs got out. The vehicle owner was drunk, but maintained someone else was driving. Police got there while 10 pax were still getting out and wandering off. No insurance, no MoT, no road tax, drunk owner, stink of weed, and I'd been knocked off when they did an illegal U-turn through a gap in a central reservation, but - no Police action of any sort. Lack of Police action led to my insurance trying to back away. Had to hire a solicitor to extract a payment from the Motor Insurers' pool - after about 8 months.
  8. The only other German insuarance thing that happened to a friend of mine was if you are not at fault, the offenders Insurance company take the flack, and your own insurance company doesn't get involved. So with the police not passing this information on you are stuck in the middle. People I know who have experienced issues with German insurance and Army Legal have had some very good results so give them a shout.

    That is one of the reasons I want to get out of Germany, as the run around their insurance companies give you isn't worth the few extra quid you get from being out there. Such as my issue of fully comp insurance only giving me 10% of the cars value as I had to use a third party to negotiate for me (Being in Blandford with no signal makes talkign to insurance companies difficult).
  9. T_L_T is correct. Your insurance company won't pay a penny as it is not your fault. Put your company in touch with the police along with crime no and hopefully they can sort it out.

    In Germany of course this works much better as the police will already be throwing the book at the owner of the vehicle (wasn't you driving? Prove who was!) for leaving the scene of accident thus making it a crime where the other driver is automatically at fault by driving in to the back of you.
    You would have gone to the doctor with your 'stiff' neck iot claim your Schmerzesgeld (thus automatically adding the charge 'Verdacht auf Koerperverletzung', suspicion of actual bodily harm, to ease things along) and also relaxing on the sofa being 'unable' to work for a week.
    Parked outside would be your rental of similar spec till your vehicle is repaired. All this courtesy of the other bods insurance and a police force who can actually justify their jobs. Oh, and your no claims bonus would be unaffected as it was not your fault and the other mong would be paying through the nose.

    UK, don't you just love it!