Hit and run driver given permanent residency.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slick, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Now as much as the kurds aren't exactly flavour of the month in Iraq - why can't we have deportation to a shithole as a punishment for these people? It's not as if we're sending him back to Saddam is it? Fill in the usual "too soft, what has this country come to..." - I would be very interested to know why they didn't send him back.

    EDIT: What a pile of shit. Apparently his right to live with his family (which would be infringed were he sent to prison) precludes sending him home. Maybe Mr Cameron was on to something with his 'middle finger' UK Sovereignty Act
  2. F*cking disgrace, what sort c*nt makes these decisions.
  3. cause he managed to get some **** pregnant twice the brats are 4 and 3 so its taken at leat 5 years to get to this point may be longer:(
    immigration should have been waiting at the door of the jail with a parachute load on c130 drop off at 10000feet near the turkish kurd border job done.
  4. You'd give the kunt a chute?
  5. human rights innit :(
    solves the problem of having somewhere to land.
    do it in daylight and the locals are bound to organise a warm welcome :) much better than anything we could manage and nothing we are responsible for:)
  6. Its almost as though the "judges" are doing all they can to enrage the indiginous population. The terrible thing is its almost too late to do anything about it.
  7. Hit-And-Run Asylum Seeker To Stay In UK

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    5:40pm UK, Thursday December 16, 2010

    Lorna Blount and Jon di Paolo, Sky News Online
    A failed asylum-seeker who ran a 12-year-old girl over and left her to die has won the right to remain in the UK.

    Aso Mohammed Ibrahim will be allowed to remain after an appeal by the UK Border Agency was rejected by an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

    The 33-year-old Iraqi Kurd was already banned from driving when he ran Amy Houston down in November 2003.

    He fled the scene, leaving her dying beneath the wheels of his car.

    Hours later her father, Paul Houston, had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine.

    Ibrahim was jailed for four months after admitting driving while disqualified and failing to stop after an accident. That will teach him !!! ffs
  8. While we're feeling a bit outraged, may I stick in my penny'sworth?

    Did a circuit of three towns in Northern Ireland today for shopping-type chores which needed me to trog about the countryside instead of simply visiting M&S (wife to blame). At carefully selected points: outside Lidl in Ballynahinch, outside the little garage/supermarket in Dromore and in two separate town-centre locations in Lisburn there were almost identical Romanian women flogging the Big Issue or just begging. These were the crew who the loyalists in East Belfast unceremoniously sent packing back to Romania last year, who were flown back to their free housing in Belfast by business jet by our ultra-concerned local politicians when the story hit the Sun, and who are very clearly members of a well organised gang.

    I really, really worry, sometimes.
  9. More like they follow the rules to the letter. I can't place any blame on them - they'd just be overruled if they tried to go against the laws - but it's the politicians who allow such acts to have a place in our legal system that should get themselves together.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Funny how they don't mention this

    Not as if there's a shortage of drug dealing no mark scum over here

    Stick him in a boat just off Christmas Island let him row ashore if he gets there he wins a passport
  11. The Border Agency has until 30th Dec to decide if it will appeal. I bet it doesn't. Good old Blair and his Human Rights Act. I'm overjoyed at the humanitarian nature of my country. Time for a scotch.
  12. Nothings ever too late.
  13. I thought that in early May this year, we got rid of the awful government of Blair / Mrs Blair / Brown / Harman and other appalling clowns!

    Clearly we have not.

    Imagine dear 'Arrsser', if you dare, running over a 12 year old child in Kirkuk and 'driving on' nevertheless. You get caught and ---- well, imagine the rest; at your leisure; from your lamp-post.

    The bastard who killed this child was disqualified from driving and had a string of other CRIMINAL convictions!

    Cameron - will you wake up; and will you live up to your rhetoric prior to the General Election, and act to rid this sad nation of this sort of utter filth?

    People wonder why BNP get votes.

    PS: When will we ever hear about 'THE HUMAN RESPONSIBILITIES ACT'.
  14. Anyone who expects the present crop of self seeking, useless, treacherous politicians to do anything for the indiginous population is very deluded indeed. They fancy themselves as players on the world stage, and consider the hoi-poloi as mere ballot box fodder. As for the Judiciary being blameless, nonsense. They are assumed to be educated intelligent people, and as such should be aware of the fact that the rules and regulations that they are obliged to follow are seriously flawed. They still persist in drawing their salaries though, and in doing so reveal themselves to be the same "snouts in the trough" types as the political class.