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I'm looking for a current simplified History of the RA, maybe what they teach the current recruits...

Many thanks.
I'm afraid no such thing truely exists due to the amount of history the Royal Regiment has as a whole. You can't compare it to an infantry line regt for example that can trace battles and deeds. For example we have 62 VCs, try summerizing that. RA history is generally stuctured around Battery history.

The best you can do is google Royal Artillery and read the wiki page
What about this?

Have had a search on Google but cannot find it in print, nor is it available at Firepower. Was published in 1994 so covers up to then.


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I'm just looking for a couple of sheets of A4 history of the RA. What do they tell the recruits about the RA in basic or when they do mention regimental history and customs?
If you are still stuck I have a pdf of the RA aide memoire which hasa lot of relelvent info and not a bad handout, PM me your email address and I'll send it on

The history of the RA is only part of the story. There are histories of all the Batteries on the DRA intranet site and this is where the true history resides. Some are good, some are average.


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