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The history teacher one day said to his class at the beginning of the lesson,

"Right, we are going to have a snap quiz today to see if you have learnt anything about military history." A groan went round the room but a couple of students perked up and seemed quite keen.

"I'm going to say some quotes, you're going to tell me who said them, where and when" the teacher explained.

"First one. Veni, vidi, vici", he called out.

"Sah! Sah!" cried out a little Japanese boy in the front row on the left hand side.

"Yes, Kawachi" said the teacher.

"Sah, that was Julius Ceasar, invasion of Bliton, 55 BC" said the little fellow.

"Absolutely spot on Kawachi, well done." The little Japanese boy positively beamed with pride. "Right, next one - I can't see."

"Sah! Sah!" cried out a little Japanese boy in the back row on the right hand side.

"Yes, Sokomoto" said the teacher.

"Sah, that was Admilal Lord Nelson, Battle of Cophenhagen, 1801."

"Way to go, Sokomoto, that's absolutely correct", said the teacher.

Suddenly a voice called out from the middle of the classroom, "Fuck off, you Japanese bastards!"

"Who said that? Who said that?" called out the teacher, enraged.

Same voice from the middle of the class, "Sir, that was President Roosevelt, invasion of Pearl Harbor, 1941."
Made me chuckle for ages :D

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