History Repeating Itself?

[FONT=&quot]Also interesting it originally appeared in the Tribune--I suppose in a day when we actually had some real diversity in journalism.

Of course it must be said, as I hope will be true in years hence, the Constitution was not thrown out (in spite of a number of unconstitutional efforts by FDR's administrations) and a dictatorship was not declared (in some ways a close call with the 3rd term for FDR I suppose) but it still is interesting to see the parallels.

1934 Chicago Tribune political cartoon - chicagotribune.com
As a percentage of GDP, the deficits run up by FDR prior to WWII were no higher than those run up by Conservative poster boy, Ronald Reagan and Keynesian policies promoted the fastest growth in standards of living the United States has ever seen. Postwar real household incomes grew at an average of 1.6% a year before 1973 (when monetarism/supply-side economics began to emerge) and thereafter they grew at only 0.3%

US Federal Deficit As Percent Of GDP in United States 1900-2010 - Federal State Local

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