History Question - Montgomery/RLC

Hello, would anyone here be able to tell me if the RLC were the ones who would have taken care of General Montgomery's command caravans and moved those around for him? Thanks kindly...


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Well, given that the RLC didn't come into existence until 05/04/93, the answer is likely to be "No".

However, the RASC might have had a hand.

Bggr beaten to the smartarse answer.
I seem to remember seeing Monty's caravan in the RAOC museum at Deepcut in the 70's..

This would seem to suggest that it came from the staff clerk trade RASC which merged with RAOC in the 60s...
Div HQ units in my time were made up of something of a job lot of drivers derived from units within the Div, ours was a Trooper from The Royals. Certainly RASC Clerks, also some REME around for repairs etc. If Corps HQ and Army HQ were to have office and caravan wagon drivers, if it was any specific Corps at that time it would be RASC if anything. But if the General or senior G people wanted their own men they could come from any unit or corps.
My uncle Albert Thomas apparently drove the staff car for Montgomery during WW11. He was from Ellesmere Port and i believe he was in the RASC.

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