History of Service Echelons

Hi All,
Is there an online resource for the history of RAF Service Echelons? (I'm in the US so archive diving is a problem!)
I'm looking for SE7005 and SE7132.
Basic stuff to start with, like where they were and when they were there.
Trying to match my Dads service record with their movements.


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Just a wild stab in the dark, have you tried asking the RAF or on an RAF related web site?


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He could have served anywhere in the Far East, Singapore, Burma, India even Japan after the war. You need to be more specific. A name would help

7005 RAF Yelahanka
7005 RAF Cholovaram
7005 RAF Trichinopoly
7005 RAF Vizagapatam
7005 No 905 Wing
7005 RAF Baigachi
7132 RAF Seletar,
7005 RAF Bhopal
7132 RAF Kuala Lumpur
7132 1946 Tapan
7005 RAF Poona
7132 Servicing Echelon, Telock Datock, Malaya
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OP, take no notice of the BS tag. O'Bogusy is a cock of the first order and a congenital fantasist.
If you provide a few more details I can provide you with a few more details.
Any chance of dates? Can I ask where you are getting this info from, I'd like to see the source if it's not www.rafweb.org

I guess I overcomplicated it by mentioning my father: I'm just looking for a complete history of operations of SE 7005 and SE 7132 from inception to disbandment.