History of Mossbank/Rochdale Barracks, Bielefeld.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by batfink, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Was trying to research the history of Rochdale Barracks, Bielefeld ( formerly known as Mossbank Barracks ) in particular the time during the second world war. What I am interested in is the name of the barracks when it first opened and what wehrmacht units were stationed there.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Ah. Is that the one with the large german statue heads on the HQ building?
  3. Not sure of the history, but I did see a Saracen APC in one of the Garages the other day. Looks like it's getting referbed.

    I know it's a little off thread, but it made me look twice.
  4. If they need a driver, those were the days,

    sorry about staying off the thread, just made me remember the old days.
  5. Staying off thread...

    The Saracen is being refurbed by 3 Civ Wksp as a favour for the German Tank Museum at Munsterlager. Visit www.deutchepanzermuseum.de or follow the link from www.munster.de if I've mis-spelled the previous link.
  6. Mossbank barracks, home of 1 corps tps wksp and 20 leccy wksp in the 80s and 90s was a panzer wksp during the 2nd world war. I can try and find some things out for you but it´ll take a while. I used to play there as a kid, dad was the RSM of 24 (or was it 25???) tpt & mov regt 75 till 77 and before it´s move up the road to catterick barracks was situated in Mossbank.

    I was stationed in Richmond barracks, 6 ord bn and 62 ord coy before it was moved to Reith barracks and on to PRB in gutersloh.
  7. Does Mossbank still have the shooting range in the attic of one of the blocks? I do remember a cracking Gyros place opposite Mossbank by what was Redcar Barracks. Redcar housed the Polish MCTG RCT who drove the white buses until they all retired.

    The original Rochdale Barracks, just around the corner from Mossbank, housed 64 Ord Coy RAOC, which ran a supply depot and the only (purpose built) RAOC Bakery in BFG. Rochdale Barracks also had a large POL storage area and several FOGB warehouses holding vast amounts of Compo. I suffered having to go to the unit bar there, for the best part of 3 years, as a Pad's Brat, my dad being, one of the Butchers/Supply specialists, based there.

    Company HQ was directly to the left of the gates and further down to the left were two large warehouse buildings storing dry goods and the Butchery and Cold store. I believe all its functions were moved to either Dulmen or PRB in Gutersloh upon closure.

    For obvious reasons, few people know that an Int Corps Sy Sect was also based there. Their offices were right by the gates on the right hand side.

    me n bee 25 Tpt & Mov Regt was in Catterick Bks along with 10 Regt RCT until it was renumbered(?) 24 Regt. 24 Tpt & Mov Regt RCT were HQ'd in Langenhagen Bks, Hannover until that was closed and handed back too.