History of Crime

Not sure about the ethics of this. What I want to bring to attention is my review of a book that is in my blog for today. It is very long and would take up such bandwidth that would make Good CO a Bad CO to me.
It refers to Peter Hitchens book "A brief history of crime". I think it deserves to be read by anyone who seeks to make learned comment here on the trials and tribulations of today.
Careful ORC, I started a thread yesterday, hoping to stimulate a debate about recruitment and it was binned by the moderator who obviously was the spawn of the reason first cousins should not breed.
Most of my working life - as sybill and as a civvy - was spent working with thick-headed self-serving mirror loving bstards so the actions of those who would have been better aborted do not amaze or worry me. Thanks for the tip though.
As an historian I can confidently assert that crime has always been with us, especially in times of economic hardship. It is basic Lockean philosophy after all. However, we live in a time of increasing technology and political will to control society. so rather than starting with road-pricing or cigarette addicition, why not tackle the historically unremarkable crime-wave?


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It's worth reading alone for the details of "Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics" which is a little known study of the issues around the McPherson report.

Always useful to have a counter-point to received wisdom, though I think the author has lived in america too long as he rattles on a bit about private holding of firearms which seems a uniquely sceptic thing.

Rememer the first murder (Cain and Abel) was a domestic too!

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