History of Baha Mousa (Musa)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. All quotes are from official site of British parliament.

    16 Dec 2003

    At this moment I don’t see anything wrong (except the death of course). So answer of respected mr.Ingram was reasonable. 3 months is not big enough time interval for comprehensive investigation.

    13 May 2004

    I joint to opinion of right hon. MP.

    At least we know that he was hooded and killed. But what are results of the investigation?

    17 June 2004

    At this moment I thought that maybe the investigation was so long because the case is so difficult. Maybe now evil would be punished?

    14 Sept 2004

    I may suppose that “Army Legal Services” and “Army Prosecuting Authority” are in coma now. Only this state can explain why the case is not in the court.
  2. Why the interest - know something better?
  3. Dear friend!

    Please, understand my logic. 10 months ago investigation had been completed. But the case is not in court even now. Why? Anybody can hold this question.

    Death of this young Iraqi was terrible - three days of beating. I sorrow for two orphans, undersand feelings of his father, police colonel. No doubt you share my attitude and regard this unpleasant case as stain on crystal clear reputation of noble British Army.

    But it seems to me that you understand me in the wrong way. So I repeat my main point. Why in the UK, this law-loving country, justice is so slow?


    Why do you think Jon Silverman hasn't written Army feels impact of Mousa judgement?
  4. KGB Wrote

    At least his family are going to get some form of justice; there are others in this country whose repeated complaints to the Police are ignored. In fact there is a whole electorate thats going to fail to get any justice on May 5.
  5. Dear friend!

    Thank you for your kind replay. I use to regard British democracy, respect for human rights, British custom to hold in high esteem LAW as an example. British policemen are mainly unarmed (as I know). Only police uniform is sufficient is most cases.

    So your opinion puzzled me. I suppose that if similar case (as with Baha Mousa) would take place in the UK then unconditionally those who are guilty would be detained soon. Even mr.Straw could resign. Anyway head of detention centre or jail would be punished.

    Though, I puzzled by another thing too. It appears that The High Court is probably decorative organ and it rulings are no more than pieces of paper.


    4 months passed and I don't see any activity of British government as it was a decission of court of another country.

    Moreover I have an impression that even British Police is in fact independent from British government and functions by own laws.


    As as we see 'British diplomats' who understood that Vienna convention about diplomatic relations was violated were unable to do anything. Maybe the UK is a police state where Police is above Law, international conventions and is independent from Law, parliament and Government?