history of 2bn-7armd wkshop reme.

Discussion in 'REME' started by pupgreen, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. museum is open tomorrow 10th dec
    from 1000-1600.hrs
  2. managed to find the ,,sports photos of the 1980s rugby teams with the gent who asked for the r---s in the pics.. will try to get them on to the web site this week.
    the museum is open this week on sat 16-sun17th..from 1000-1600hrs-
    all most welcome.
  3. pupgreen

    congrates on museum, visited it the other day with my son. You have obviously worked very hard down there. Good luck
  4. He lives down there, bless him! tiffyshackles have you just moved to Fally from Cyprus? 8O
  5. ello mate,

    Any chance of a piccy of MB30 (i think, the one down from the SGT's mess) was my abode from '89-'92 and no doubt hasn't changed a bit!!
  6. soprano54.. Cyprus i wish, just completed a 3 yr sentance in fally to be given another 3 yr's. However enjoyed every bit of it. Bet u will be sad to leave?
  7. That you 'H'?
  8. The Museum is excellent I will be regular visitor from now on