History of 27 Regt RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by stacker1, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. I have been asked by someone to find out as much possible information about the history of 27 regt RLC.
    Wiki, google and ARRSEPedia doesnt have very much. Even people I know who have been posted there know very little about it.
    So if anyone has any info, please post it and I may make a donation to the Hols4heroes fund.
  2. Woudn't be for the next RSM of the Regt by any chance would it?

    Only ask because:

    1. Why would a Stacker want to know.

    2. Anyone who had been in the Corps longer than 15 years would know where to look/ who to ask.
  3. Because a friend of mine asked me.

    Would they? Ive been in the RLC just over 15 years and I know very little about any of the regiments Ive served in. Its not as if history is a big thing in most loggie regiments.

    PS, Who is the next RSM? I thought they only just got one.
  4. Mate,

    The RLC has been going for 17 years, but the history behind it has been going for hundred's of years. History is a big thing in ANY Regiment. Without it no tradition, Esprit De Corps ect.

    One of the first items i was issued was a book on Corps history, learned it verbatum i did.

    It's one of the only things that the SDSR can't get rid of.

    No need to look on Wiki, Give the current RSM a bell and i'm sure that he would accommodate your friends enquiry.
  5. The only loggie regiment Ive known that has it soldiers knowing its history was 23 pioneer regt. Some cutbacks must have been made because Ive never even seen an book on RLC history. I had to tell an officer a few weeks ago why 6 regt had a fox for an emblem (he was 6 regt) he thought it was something dating back decades rather than the fact 6 regt were based in camp fox on Telic one.

    I presume RSMs are supposed to know the regimental history? Not that it helps me because I don't think 27 regts RSM is going to be on Christmas duties and I'd like to know sooner rather than later.
  6. Spoken like a true Driver!
  7. RSM 27 Regt RLC?

    Its not for girls!!
  8. 27 Regt Royal Corps of Transport, top bunch of blokes. (7 sqn)
  9. 27 Regt was formed on 15 July 1965 from 42 and 150 Sqns RCT & 16 Fd Amb RAMC as 27 Logistic Support Group Regt, and was originally the Logistic Support Battalion to AMF(L). Tours aside, it has always been based in Aldershot. They deployed as a Regiment to the Gulf in December 1990, 7 Squadron were in Bosnia on Op Grapple 2 from April to October 1993 and 8 Squadron were in Bosnia from July 1995 to February 1996, amongst (I imagine) many other deployments.

    Sorry, that's all I could find out for you Stacker.
  10. 27 Regt ( log Sp) was at first based at Bulford until about 1977 when 7 sqn joined them from 3 Div they then moved up to Aldershot with 8 sqn to form 27 regt.

  11. Cheers.
  12. try Army net on 27 regt. RLC page
  13. In 94-97 it had a notoriety for having a really good football team within the Corps, much as I can give you,

  14. I couldnt find their page (If they have one) I dont think there is much point asking there, the last time anyone other than a MOD commented on the any of the threads was months ago.
  15. I suggest you try the RLC Museum if you can wait until next week, the staff there are extremely helpful.