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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Guy Warner, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. I have been asked by 19 Bge to write a short history of the Bge in connection with its forthcoming disbandment. This will then be published as a 40 page booklet. Can any former members of the Bge help with facts, anecdotes or photos please?
  2. Thats a very good tip to using ARRSE, thanks!
  3. I would start by reading the book of abbreviations ^~
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  4. So you you are writing a history of 19 Buggee? Should be interesting......
  5. And if they have seriously asked you, no wonder the Bde ​Is disbanding ^~
  6. He means Bungay in Norfolk...
  7. Ah, that explains it.

    For a moment I thought he was compiling a history of buggery.
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I was in the Brigade when the then Commander sacked the Sig Sqn OC.
    Bet that doesn't make it into your history!
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  9. 7th Field Farce. Brigadier Keith Spacie had everyone trained to a peak of fitness in 1982 - and then watched the guards go south instead becasue 7 FF were "NATO Troops".

    The unofficial history ought to include mention of some of the press coverage...

    - The News of the World made a few bob from the story of the soldier court martialed for homosexuality after being caught buggering a seventeen stone fishmonger. His defence was that although his partner was exceptionally ugly and overweight and he knew he was engaged in **** sex, he thought it was OK because it/he/she was obviously a WRAC Officer"

    - Big Liz. A ginger haired monster who my signaller claimed was his girlfriend. According to him she lived in a council house with no furniture apart from half a sofa and a pile of mattresses. The electricity had been disconnected - but reconnected by her digging up the mains and reconnected with jump leads. They had an open relationship and he shared her with the rest of the Garrison. Sometimes it was 2 Queens and sometimes 3 Royal Anglians. ;) The riff raff of the Colchester area collected in a night club just outside the town boundaries called the Birchwood.
  10. I was at Collie with 2 Queens in 79-81. IIRC there was a pub on the roundabout just down the road from the barracks which was popular with the boys, and the local slappers who like the squaddies. I think it was called the fountain.

    Oh, and don't the Kingos were there at the time as well.

    There was also some trouble with the local scumbags/skinheads. A bunch of the squaddies got themselves some full face latex "old man" style faces masks (lots of wrinkles, bald etc etc) from a party shop and arranged an ambush outside the scumbag's pub. When the civpol arrived they found the skinheads getting a good kicking from what appeared to be a bunch of OAPs.


    Happy days!
  11. They were already deployed in Cyprus in 1974 for training (the TA - IIRC 2/51 Highlanders) when Johnny Turk kicked in Plan B and invaded. OP ABLAUT was the reinforcement of Cyprus by UK Spearhead (40 Cdo RM) and placed under Command 19 Bde. Bde Comd was Brig Jimmy Glover. See the Cyrpus 1974 thread on Arrse.
  12. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I remember Jim Glover when he was CO of 3Greenjackets ( The Rifle Brigade).

    I served in 19 (Airportable) Brigade from around 1963 until 1967. Fun times, when Spearhead really did live up to it's name.
  13. The first 19 brigade was formed from L-of-C troops in August 1914, just in time for le Cateau. Its first commander (a Brigadier-General Duncan I think) lasted no more than a few hours before being kicked in the bollocks by his own horse...
  14. Ahhh Colly in the 80s. The Argylls were in the Garrison so and accom had to be found for all those involved with the NI pitchfork murders a decade earlier, msot of these guys were senior NCOs &WOs so I think they found an offrs mess annex to house them. There was a well known tranny who turned up as a WRAC Field Officer in Goojerat Bks Guardroom and tried to call out he guard to patrol the football pitch. She was caught a year later when "She" tried the same stunt at another Unit. The Bull and the Clarence were 2 pubs in town that had the hugest takings. There were a few "Ex Wives of " living on the patch which none of the singlies complained about. There was an electrified rail link straight into London that was well used for the 80s Thursday night parties. The Bde Commander used to drive through the Garrison every morning, his driver would flash the lights and if a poor unsuspecting soldier didn't throw one up he would dive out of the car before it had even stopped and have him under arrest, being Reems of course our guys could always run off in the direction of 8 field workshop so the OC would have his balls chewed. Blind pews would MOT your car for a backhander, and half the Bde showed up as extras for the filming of "The Fourth Protocol". This should give you something to go on.
    Fantastic days. Went back there 10 years later and what a ******* miserable hole it had turned into.