History Man congratulations


Life will never be the same again.



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Thank you A_S. He's a nice little chap and weighs 3.22 kg or 7 lbs 1.58 oz in old money, so a nice healthy weight. I will bringing and his Mum home later on this morning after 0930 hrs. :)
Absolutely brilliant. Do you know who the father is? ;)
Congratulations, enjoy the sleepless nights! The time will come when you'll miss them.
Wot? No diesels? Congrats!:boogie:


Congratulations. Now get yourself out and get a scalextric set for him ;-)
I can let you have all of that neither of my minime's have furnished me with grand sprogs yet! I also have a big box of Brio and a short stocked shotgun!
A son? Congratulations. - a small vid of the near future for you.


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