history behind unit flash and squadron flash.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by flan28, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone out there know the history behind the regimental flash for 14 signal regiment (ew) and for the flash of 245 signal squadron.
  2. Interesting one... will try and find out the answer to that. Shouldn't be too hard to find out. Am currently based at Brawdy. Lucky me. :roll:
  3. The White Horse has a connection to Saxony (the "Niedersaxen" emblem?) and was instituted as the Regimental flash, I believe, by the second Commanding Officer of the Regiment in its current EW guise, in about 1979. At that point the Regiment was based in Celle (with a detached squadron at Langeleben), hence the geographic connection. I think the change from a white horse on a blue background to a black horse on a green background was all to do with the introduction of CS95, and was done about 5 or 6 years ago. I mention it 'cos it might have stopped the banter going on about 16 Sig Regt "boyscouts", elsewhere on ARRSE, applying to 14.

    Sadly, I have no idea how the Mouflon became associated with 245 but I can claim to have seen some, halfway up Troodos. A bit more information about them is at http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/sheep/mouflon/ . I would also be interested in how they were connected to the Squadron.
  4. Donny wrote:

    True, at the time a lot of units including R Sigs where starting to wear badges/emblems again. I think 1 Div were going through this at the same time with badges and that stupid cravat. The reason the horse was chosen was the Regt was based in Celle, Saxony.

    Not true, more likely from 83 onwards. Served from 82 to 85 but the badge was not worn during that time to my knowledge. We got a unit pendant and flag + used on letter heads but that was a far as it went.
  5. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Donny has just about got it.

    If ever you get into the Sgt's or Officers mess there should still be a white horse on a small plinth, I believe this was presented to 14 Sigs, a gift from the people of Celle.

    245 have it on the sqn as we/they at the time where the hardest and best sqn within 14….Y tp to be more precise, even Zulu Tp didn’t even have a look in never mind 226 or 237…and please don’t talk to me about 640!

    [EDIT] 245= 1 Sqn, 226 = 2 Sqn & 237 = 3 Sqn during my time [EDIT]
  6. Cheers,

    That should get the ball rolling. Thanks for your input and efforts much obliged. When i get a brief history behing the two together i will post it for all to read.