Historical nuclear preparation.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BryanTheMegalodon, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Researching for a presentation I have to give on military technological advancements and came across this piece on the role of the ROC. Absolutely amazing to think that our civil defence strategy was based almost on tin cans and string technology and that we were able to do things without computers! Very much an eye-opener. Any Arsers on here with experience as would be fascinated to hear of your experiences? I especially liked the bit where messages were passed up and down on pieces of string, especially as we whinge now that we don't get our advertised broadband speeds.

    The Hole in the Ground (1962) - UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation - YouTube

    You have to admire the stiff upper lips as nukes rain down all around - epsecially the bunker sprog who upon being told to go outside and give a visual sit-rep does so without quoting H&S regulations though I'm sure that he might have something to say about every man in the bunker smoking a pipe! Definately a different era!!
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  2. RSG at work,unfortunately the locations of all these sites was well known and monitored by the USSR,they were sure targets in a first strike.
  3. I remember being taught how to dig a nuclear bomb proof trench. It had to be no wider than 18 inches with the sides as smooth as possible. We then dug a shelter one end of it, put some flimsy curved wriggly tin over it, covered it with about a foot of earth and got told "Dig it properly and a thermo nuclear bomb can explode 500 meters away and you will survive to fight"

    On hearing that, the expression "Like Fcuk" came to mind.
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  4. Even in the 80's the Government advice was poor.

    When the Wind Blows (1986 film)
  5. Meh... Maybe, Maybe not.

    The other maybe is "maybe that was the intent of the RSGs."

    Muuuh. The get out clause is probably in the "can" part.

    It's certainly possible. It's equally possible you'll be medium rare Pedigree Chum.

    Bet you'd have had the shovel out when the balloon went up in any case.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the government advice. If your home stood in an area only marginally affected by blast & fire then the advice released by government would have kept you alive if followed. No question.

    It's just that we were (perhaps) the most heavily targetted area in the world, so there were very few people in that position.

    The Home Office could not tell the bulk of the British population how to survive a nuclear attack because for the bulk of them there was no surviving.

    The decision could have been taken to look at postcodes, and send out either letters stating "Repent your sins!" or "Run!" to the majority and a copy of protect & Survive to the rest. I doubt that would have gone down well though.
  6. The general concensus of a few of my relatives who were in the ROC was that come Armageddon not one of their colleagues intended to turn-up and would instead be preparing their family homes and ensuring their trainng was put to use in protecting their wife and kids.
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  7. Secret State is an excellent book, and not just because the good author namechecks me in it for giving him some useful information which changed a key finding from the first edition :)

    Those of you who like all things policy and nuclear should read

    Which sets out the briefing that Labour would have got had they won the election in 1983 - its bloody scary to be honest.

    I've said it before, but having spent a lot of time in the Corsham bunker (popularly known as BURLINGTON) it remains the single creepiest place I have ever been to.
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  8. Their training could do the square root of **** all for their wife & kids, or anyone else, unless they were at their post.
    Having an understanding of the 7/10 rule does not allow you to alter it.
  9. Links are truncated.

    Corsham is an interesting case study in how these things worked in Britain. :)
  10. It really was all MAD,something a certain group in North Korea/Iran don't seem to understand.
  11. My main point is that no ****** would turn up for duty.
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  12. Having spent my (early) sunshine years at a directly related task, I can pretty much assure that a lot of ******* would.
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