Historical Novels about Roman Times

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by phibeck, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. I've read the following series based on Roman times with great pleasure:

    Conn Iggulden - Cæsar series
    Harry Sidebottom - Warrior of Rome series
    Sten Saylor - Rome series
    Simon Scarrow - Eagle series

    Anyone know of any other good "Rome" series that I can dive into ?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Allan Massie wrote a series of excellent ones; Augustus, Tiberius, Caesar, Antony, Nero's Heirs and Caligula.

    Also Robert Harris, wrote Pompeii, Imperium and Lustrum.

    The ones I liked the best were Augustus, Pompeii and Imperium
  3. Duly noted, will be off on a routine patrol of Amazon a bit later to see if I can find them. Many thanks !
  4. Lindsey Davis does a series of books about a private detective based in Rome the Falco series.Supposedly historically accurate
    also quite funny.He was a legionare and travels around a bit solving murders and other crimes.While avoiding various enemies
    family members and other problems.
    Crime novels and Historical books are not my thing ,but,I really enjoyed them.
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    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  6. I just picked up a couple of these from a second hand bookshop to take on holiday with me for some poolside reading. I took a chance on them as they were only 50p each.

    However, I shall pack them away until I go and look forward to reading while lying in the sun with a cool drink! I always thought the Roman army was cool...


  7. Falco sounds great too - looking forward to getting stuck into these suggestions. I hadn't heard of them before - many thanks
  8. Anthony Riches is now into a 4th book about an Auxilliary Legion on Hadrian's Wall which is pretty good. I can also recommend Ben Kane's Forgotten Legion trilogyAnd also his Sprtacus and Hannibal series. Robert Fabbri has started a new series based on Vespasian who commanded the II Augusta when the Romans decided to invade and stay in Britain and who went onto become Emperor. Robert Jackson has a series as well. John Stack has a trilogy on the Roman navy. If you try the Historical Writers Association website, you can speak to most of the authors and get questions answered. Historical Writers' Association | All that's best in historical writing is the website address. Also if you want a series that covers from Marius through to Anthony and Cleopatera, then Coleen mcCullough has that period covered.
  9. Not wholly about Rome, but a book with a real difference is The Last Legion by Valerio Massimi Manfredi (also a 2007 film with Ben Kingsley and Colin Firth). The story starts with the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire under the Goths in 470AD and goes on to relate how the Nova Invicta Legion rescues the last emperor who is still a child. The story also relates the final throes of the Romans in Britain and has a real surprise ending. Definitely worth a read.
  10. You're going to love them !
  11. Sounds great! Duly noted this too
  12. I read the Cato series from start to finish - it just wasn't possible to put down! I wasn't aware fo the two Gladiator books though - they must also be well worth looking at
  13. The Historical Writers website looks to be a goldmine - Douglas Jackson seems to have written a very comprehensive series. Wonderful link - many thanks
  14. Ben Hur?
    (by Lew Wallace, ex General, Union Army)