Historic arms discovered on current operations?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of caches of historic arms being found on ops, especially in Afghanistan?
  2. In 2002 some old Martini Henry rifles where for sale on Chicken Street in Kabul, there were some pics of Gen McColl playing about with one on the MOD website.
    Came accross quite a nice (to someone who admitedly doesnt know much about shotguns) Purdey shotgun too when doing an Op with the Danes in Iraq too. God knows how the bloke got hold of that as the house we took it from was a complete sh*t tip.
  3. Yes the Italians found some biplanes in the scrapyard up by the Tank graveyard by the ranges at Kabul.....there were some Hawker Harts found too ...and the Yanks took a WW1 tank back to the US from the same place.....place is full of old weapons and the odd mine...so i never wondered around too much
  4. Can't speak for the 'Stan (though I imagine a lovely collection of jezails, Baker rifles, Martini-Henrys and .303s must be hanging on the walls up in the mountains), but I've read that in 2001 in Macedonia, the local variant of the KLA handed in absolutely ancient old pieces as part of their 'disarming' process. So much so, that the Skopje museum requested first refusal before they were all destroyed.

  5. Chicken St! :wink:

    Better than Asda..... :D

    Car St was also good for crazy stuff!
  6. Ive got some great pics from the tank graveyard, I will have to get round to uploading them on here one day.
  7. don't know if its "historic" but theres loads of pictures of gold plated ak47's and tarted up weapons knocking about. Theres probably alot of .303's in afghanistan apparantly it was the weapon the soviets feared most when they were there.
  8. I forgot about Op Essential Harvest, ive got some good pics from that too! Some of the works of art that were carved into the AK butts where quite impressive too.
  9. Hardly surprising but I have certainly come across a 1917 Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk III* in that general part of the world.
  10. Do remember finding a few Thompsons on the first Agricola (amongst many other things).
  11. Did you go up to the scrap yard on the left before you hit the tanks?
    some old stuff up there....get your pics on...all mine are "Joy of Wimk" and need need scaned....bummer. :)
  12. Yeah we did yeah, have to get them on, got a pic of the dakota that was by the stadium too. Il get them on over the weekend
  13. My Li'l bro brought a "Khyber" Martini Henry back from Maymanah a couple of years ago. It's even got dozens of "ordnance stamps" on it - all fakes!

    He's slowly bringing it back to life with some "Renaissance Wax" he bought from the British Museum
  14. Tartan and Mag......

    Will you stop yakking and get them up please? :D

    Especially the Hawker Hind piccies. A Hart or a Nisir would be a find and a half.

    The Italian Biplanes were Ro.37's as I recall, and may already be on their way back to Italy.
  15. They used to make these things in the Bazzars.