Historians fight to save deadly Nazi warship

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Random_Task, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Historians fight to save deadly Nazi warship
    Times Online
  2. Random old love any chance of piccy - the PRC firewall seems to regard this article as a potential menace and denies access, in light of which prehaps Taiwan will stump up for the refit.
  3. -Hope this works;

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  4. Cheers Doggie - so this is an E Boat?
  5. S-130, The Old Soldier
    By Maurice Laarman.


  6. Don't know why they say the last. Bags of them on the floor of the Baltic. Ok, they may be a bit damaged in places, courtesy of Coastal Command, but they are there, and the Baltic is very kind to wrecks.
  7. :D
  8. They`ll be lucky to get any money from that source. At the submarine museum at Gosport is HMS Alliance, a British WW2 vintage Sub. It`s in good nick but needs some work to the tune of £2Million. Their appeal for lottery/heritage funds was turned down.

    I went to visit it this Summer and you get a conducted tour from an ex submariner inside the suband it was cracking.



  9. I let a fucking awesome fart go inside that submarine when we had a tour once. Always a giggle when they close the hatches.

  10. They don't stand a chance.... much more important works of art to procure with the lottery money than putting it into good causes like this! I think there are a lot of former train drivers/ticket collectors and spotters in the Heritage committee as they seem to put a lot of money into refurbishing old trains and railway stations!

    Each to their own...

  11. Link to some more information and photos of S 130. Believe the British Military Powerboat Trust own S 130.


    Latest information on their webite “S130 remains in Mashfords, and EISCA advise that she will be floated and housed at a local berth, as the shipyard is undergoing extensive refurbishment. Engines, gearboxes, propshafts and props have been sourced in Southampton, from the other ex German Navy boat, the blue hulled boat which used to lie at the quay at Marchwood, and her restoration is being vigorously pursued by EISCA”

    If anyone has some spare cash there are a few British vessels that they are trying to restore as well
  12. My favourites are still the Vosper 60' MTB , or the classic Elco 80's , which can trace their lineage back to the Vospers.

    "They were expendable" what a good film.
  13. Wasn't there a U-Boat in Birkenhead for a while? (I believe it was on bricks too, typical!)

    I hope they get the Schnellboot running, cross the English Channel in style and at speed! Beats the Hovercraft anyday.