Hispano 20mm Cannon

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Never heard of one of these on a ground mount before - I always associated them with aircraft.

    Anyway - looks like it would be handy on the MWMIK


    The Germans used the broadly similar Flak20 to major effect as a ground weapon during the Second World War.
  2. The Rhodesians took them out of old Vamires and put the to use on the ground , welding a set of wheels onto them to help with mobility.

    Somebody in Koevoet the South-African run counterinsurgency unit in the 80ies had the idea to fit them onto their Casspir APC's by welding them onto the top of the MG ring mount. Good idea but the recoil was enough to crack the rings and tops of the APCs.
  3. Was that 3 barrels on that thing? It certainly put the rounds down range at a rate of knots.

    The Yugoslav types used a lot of similar thingies vehicle mounted. They certainly produced a lot more highly-mobile firepower than we seem to be able to field at the moment.
  4. was about to ask if these were available as a rifle but there's a youtube showing a suppressed one so they are. What's the largest calibre allowed for a rifle in the UK - for a shotgun its 2 inches.
  5. No limit. You just need somewhere to shoot it. Sadly I haven't got room for that 155....
  6. wow. Shame all the 50bmg rifle ranges are that far away from the South East...
  7. You can't get much further South and East than Lydd!


    Try joining these guys:
  8. As of about a month ago, there is now a muzzle energy limit of 4,500 joules if you want to shoot on a MOD range, which is pretty much all of them, including Bisley and unless you are very, very special. The calculations are beyond me, but if you work back from bullet mass and muzzle velocity, I suppose you could determine a practical maximum calibre.
  9. aha! Lydd - knew about Cumbria & Radnor. Thanks.
  10. ah...Lydd, what a lovely little place :LOL:
  11. you jest sir .They put the nuclear reactor at dungness cos if it ever went
    crtical no one would notice .Odd place but lovely nahh.Wind surfers make
    great targets of opptunity though :twisted:
  12. Still are....

    Many Navy ships have a 20mm Hispano for "discouraging" boarders and sinking mines etc... Not much cop as an ack ack gun these days..

    The Hispano is not particularly useful in the ground role. It has a long recoil system that takes up a lot of room on the mounting. The moving barrel trick is handy for soaking up recoil in an aircraft mount, but makes for a very complex mounting.

    There have been a number of attempts at producing a workable 20mm sniper rifle. 20mm is the smallest calibre you can get properly fuzed HE rounds for. The recoil is however "challenging" even with muzzle brakes and recoil buffers. Firing one is like having someone hit you over the head with a length of 4 x 2 (wood not cleaning patch :D ).

    Excellent if you want to aquire a twitch like Quasimodo :x

    I would suggest that the Plod would not take kindly to an application for one of these for clearing vermin... You may of course try!

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9NxHj1R04g&feature=related
  14. Perhaps you mean Oerlikon 20mm?, that is more likely on a ship mount, the gas operated Hispano was more of an aircraft cannon from memory

  15. You are of course right... The shipbourne mounting I was thinking of is the Oerlikon, not the Hispano Suiza...

    But my main point remains, the recoil of a 20mm is significant and would be difficult to cope with on a light vehicle such as a WIMIK. The Oerlikon works well because it is bolted to a gurt great ship. There has been enough problems getting even .50 mounts to work properly on such bouncy vehicles...