Hirsute Women - For or Against?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tastytoggle, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Shaven fannies are alright (any port in a storm) and there's certainly no possibility of a wayward pube finding its way to the back of your throat and making you retch, but I much prefer a natural look. Minge hair is a bit like a target indicator for your fingers to find and in the afterglow of the deed, I think there's always something very satisfying about the sight of a bit of serpent spit sticking them together and making them look all slippery. Hairy armpits and down covered top lips aren't exactly an aphrodisiac, but still, some such women have other qualities which, on a casual basis, enable you to overlook these things, but I draw the line absolutely at hairy legs - fcukin horrible! I remember queuing (yes, believe it or not) in a German bank and admiring the attractive cashier behind the desk, that was, until she served me and stepped back to get something. It was unusual for her to be wearing a skirt and I was keen to get a look at her legs, but I wished I hadn't bothered - the bristles protruding through the mesh of her tights killed my ardour stone dead. Like all things, hirsute is good in moderation, I reckon.
  2. There's no hair round the clitoris, is that why you can't keep your yeti happy?
  3. Peasant - I mean , pedant :) She's a Jock. I think that's maybe where the idea for sporran originates, hairy and cavernous, but difficult to get a hand inside.
  4. As long as the bird hasn't let the stubble come back, that can skin the old foreskin badly! :x
    I once went out with a nurse who could just about plait her minge hairs, they were so long! But she was a good shag so as long as she parted them to allow todgers access I didn't give a toss :twisted:
  5. I've long been advocating hairy fannies, I can't get why someone would want to would prefer a fanny that looks pre-pubesent as apposoed to a nice womanly thatch.
    Maybe it's an age thing any man under 30 might not realise that women grow hair on their fannies, it starts at puberty. All the porn you've seen the women have had the shave! They're not hairless!
    That and fashion and beauty industry trying to make out that hairy fannies are dirty and unatural.
    Bring back the thatch I say.
  6. What a cracking idea for a No.10 petition. Wonder what Sarah Brown's preference is?
  7. After a quick Google I at least now know what hirsute means. My first thoughts were that it was some sort of strange form of female office attire.

    I had the misfortune of once pulling a girl in Hemel Hempstead and she had hairier legs than me and that was after she'd supposedly shaved them. She had a minge like a brillo pad and even had a five o'clock shadow in her armpits. I knew it wasn't going to last. Especially when I asked her if she was Guy the Gorilla's lovechild.
  8. I reckon she's a furry triangle. GB is a middle aged presbytarian anything else and it's just kinky!
  9. Ah, a real woman, cherry on the top if SHE had an Adam's apple! :lol:
  10. All this debate over the McSnatch, do you think Lord Mandelson's got a Brazilian?
  11. I believe he's probably had several!
  12. While, I admit chowing down on Chewbacca isn't to every man's tastes, some fluff helps to disguise the fact that some ladies' bits remind one too much of the Batcave...doesn't help the mood to be thinking that her vag looks like a grenade went off on the deli counter.

    I like to get in, get out, have everyone go " Whew" and " Ooo, yer good" then settle in with a good show on the telly, not having to start the process off by hacking my way through a jungle undergrowth al a Chindits after the Japs.
  13. Even if she (?) had I wouldn't have seen it. It would have been covered up by her beard. :)
    It was definitely (definitely) female and I don't know about shaving but what she really needed was a good going over with a belt sander.
  14. Absolutely what he said. Long legs big tits and and a hairy fanny - heaven!

    Eyebrows are usually a good indicator - I bet Nigella has fanny hair you could get lost in - I'd love to find out.
  15. You weren't shagging Heather Mills were you?