Hiroshima book withdrawn after Walt outed


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seaweed said:

Joseph Fuoco's pretence that he was at Hroshima when he wasn't surely rates as A-level walting!
He might have pinched and adapted the title; I'm fairly sure some years ago, I read a POW book written by an Australian POW called 'Last Train From Nagasaki" but it could be pure coincidence though.

I recall it was an account of POWs arriving at the port of Nagasaki but being shipped onwards just in time to avoid the bomb.

I've done a check on Amazon and Abe but there's no trace of the title.


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Good account from a British POW in the Mail the oher day

........was taking care to avoid being splashed when there came a tremendous clap of thunder from the direction of Nagasaki. Then moments later, a sudden gust of hot air like a giant hairdryer blasted into me, knocking my shrunken frame sideways.

Later, the other prisoners came back from their day at a nearby factory and began to talk of a massive bomb raid. No one had any concrete information. We just knew that something big had happened down in Nagasaki.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...se-hellships-AND-atom-bomb.html#ixzz0hTb4uO3o

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