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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ancient, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. A mate is getting married next year and as usher I am charged with kitting us both with No 2s. As we are TA , we are not issued with such so I am looking to hire rather than buy . ( TA lance jacks don't get the opportunity to wear this stuff very often . ) I also need buttons, collar tags , drill caps etc .

    Any ideas where this kit might be available . Based wales / west country .

    Many thanks .
  2. Surely as the groom your mate would be in No. 1s and the rest of you in No. 2s?

    Doesn't your unit have a stock of this kit for Remembrance Sunday etc?
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Each TA unit is entitled to hold 50% of the units established stengh (under Cpl) SNCO and above are entitled.

    So speak to your QM.
  4. There is quite a few Regular units West Country way if your TA unit cant sort you out, find the nearest unit just give them a bell. You will find the Regs are quite supportive of the TA most of the time
  5. FAD (Future Army Dress) comes in this year so I wouldn't buy yet!
  6. FAD-are there any pics of it?
  7. Pictures were available in the gallery. Do you like the belt, because that is how we will be wearing it!

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  8. Are there no regular army QM's you can beg, steal and borrow from on a temporary basis?
  9. Thanks Blob. I guess RMP will bin the belt and replace it with something a little bit whiter!
  10. No units are being issued the 'old style' anymore, even if you require exchange.

    Recruits (reg) are only given them for passing out and then have to return them.
  11. That belt is fucking horrible, thanks fook I'm out in two years so won't have to wear it too often. Not that I like wearing a ginger drinking suit that smells like wet dogs!!!
  12. Is the Sam Browne being done away with then?

  13. 20 years served and since trg i have omly worn my no 2's once (remembrance sunday 1990 Tidworth) so im not even going to bother getting any.
  14. Any idea when?