Hire Cars to travel length of country?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by instinct, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. For Christmas leave four of us are going to hire a car and drive up from Portsmouth to the middle of the East Coast of Scotland. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips, hints or advice for us on who to go for or what to ask? We would need something big to fit us all in and our kit.

    Many thanks,

  2. Sounds like you need to call it an exped and get a service vehicle
  3. Ford S-max or Galaxy if East coast below the Forth.

    Discovery if above the Forth.
  4. I've used enterprise a few times this year with no issues got a Rav 4 and a Santa fe which would be ideal for a load of you plenty of room and the Rav 4 is pretty rapid for a 4x4
  5. Perhaps just on the north bank of the Forth, Does that count? lol

    I wish!

    Will have a look at enterprise. Love Rav 4's my dad has one.

    Thanks guys please keep the good advice coming.
  6. You could be cheeky and ask if they've got anything that is from, say, Aberdeen Airport, that needs to be taken back. Usually good for a worthwhile discount and you might get a Merc, (or a Transit) I've done this from Belfast to London before now but you've got to ask.