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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chris_2oo6, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. just wondering whether anyone knows whether its true, that we're no longer entitled to a hire car through the system,to get home from brize???

    they were available when i came back from telic in '07, however the boys seem to think this has changed

    anyone shed any light on the subject????
  2. According to my husband, you can still have one, but you have to do 8 hours Enforced Rest before they will let you drive home. Your clerks should book it for you. Hope that helps. :D
  3. 8 hours enforced rest?! i will have just come off a 8hour flight for fucks sake lol... i'd call that resting myself

    cheers for info
  4. Chris, Garrison is correct - we have a duty of care and historically, we have had too many accidents and unfortunately, I believe, deaths, from individuals getting off an 8 hour flight from an Operational Theatre, getting into a car, when they may not have driven for 3 months, and rushing to see their loved ones. Mandatory 8 hour rest period before taking vehicle - remember, not everyone sleeps on flights.
  5. yeah i remember the lads from 4 rifles in a car crash the night we'd landed
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Happend in Telic 4
    It's to do with Duty of care
    People were falling asleep and killing themselves in Oxfordshire when they had just domne an operational tour in a dangerous place
    Don't forget after the 8 hour flight you may have beentravelling for 18 - 19 hours from when you initially set off
    The unit I was with (HCR) paid for flights to the nearest airport and the duty driver would drop you off at Heathrow and pick you up
    My Brother was at Brize and he practically had to sign for me to prove that he was picking me up and I wasn't cheating
  7. hmmm

    i'm not in HCR myself but will be part of HCR battlegroup when they join us out there later in the year

    might try and see if i can get a flight to liverpool airport, as thats the closest to where i live

    cheers for the heads up :)
  8. 8 Hours forced rest is a good idea to be honest. I have it on good authority that some lads sometimes drive a little fast when the tart they have been chatting up on Facefcuk.com for the last 4 months says she is wearing nothing but her minge stubble and awaits her new internet heroes prompt arrival.

    Naturally I was heading home to see my same old spunk bucket so I drove at a careful 21mph and stopped off four times on the drive home last time I deployed. :D

    (not to mention the shameful big timing I did by turning up at the office my mate worked in which was full of single temp birds at the time)