Hire Car Instead of MMA For Course!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by wee_face, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. I cannot believe that it is cheaper for a hire car to be used instead of MMA to get someone to a course if they are willing to take their car! Even if the hire car does cost £20-30 a day, the tank needs to be left full so the petrol is the same. The reason I'd rather take my car is so I'm not stuck in ANOTHER barracks for ANOTHER weekend while on course when I've family 2 hours away by car, but two taxis and a three hour train journey at £35 plus taxis to get there! It's kinda nice to get out in the evenings too. The need for non-availability of transport should just be shoved somewhere the sun doesn't shine so that people on course in the UK have freedom to use their own vehicles on course without having a financial penalty for doing so.
  2. I take it you have business class insurance. No? No MMA then.
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  3. Easy, go on a course further than 2 hours away.......or be in the RRS and be posted to Kent while shedloads of Rifleman from 'dahn Sarf' are based in Jockland.... seemples
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  4. How does that work? I'm off to Surrey from Scotland and can't get MMA (P.S. I have class 1 business insurance.)
  5. Jeez!..I was taken the piss/being 'sar car stic' over your whinning mucka.

    'When I were a lad' we'd be sent from fecking Germany to do SCBC/PSBC/etc...try getting home for the weekend from that.

    Mate, just suck it up via getting pi55ed/local tarts/etcs...feck me, how long is the course for FFS!
  6. I hate you.
  7. Poor little munchkin! I suppose it could be that your unit MT or AGC Det hate you and decided to bugger you about.
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  8. In my unit the cut off time for booking a hire car is a bout 48 hours. So, if you will be driving to a course on a Sunday, put in your transport request on the Thursday afternoon. MT duty bollock will say 'sorry mate, no chance of a hire car for Sunday, here's a non availability chit, crack on'.

    Job jobbed.
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  9. I'd give you the real answer, but I don't want to, because you've been mean.

    Say sorry.
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  10. Wont they give you a Landrover or am i hopelessly out of date?
  11. You'd struggle to get a land rover for a fortnight on Salisbury plain, let alone get one to drive to a course.
  12. You won't get none availability for that. You'll make your own way there or be AGAI'd. ****ing barrack room lawyer.
  13. Just jib the train. I was well good at that. I still am in fact. Funny thing is that last year, I worked as a train ticket inspector for 6 months!
  14. Jesus Christ it's not like it costs much more to get your insurance company to add "occasional business use" onto your policy.

    Instead of acting like a bellthronk why don't you help folk sometimes.

    Reported your post for acting like a bellend in a serious forum.
  15. There was a bloke on my DITs course and his MT gave him one of the SVs as his transport.