Hire car from home to your TA place of work - is it on?

I have been told that the regular RAO, who has little or no experience with the TA, 'thinks' this is not on and now I have to travel by train and cab to get to the TA. The cost is about the same as the good old hire car but the embuggerance is strategically more, especially as I have to go on one of those strange branch lines full of inbred loons and staff calling me love. Does any one out there have any experience of this or could they direct me the right way. If I can get this changed then others will follow and we'll have had a small victory over THEM.
The answer is no.

It's not a question about relative costs. It's about volume of business and contracts. It's about a certain amount of unnease regarding how the funding line would be held and secured, by whom and for whom, and when.

Travel warrants cater for rail, plane and cabs, and the prevailing view is that is sufficient for duty travel. Lots of units now run 'white fleet' on a hire basis, but the overall cost of that contract has been deemed to make more financial sense than running our own fleets.

And I also agree with you - hire cars would make more sense...sorry.
If one person got it, do you think there would be a small chance that everyone with an old banger would suddenly develop transport problems and require a brand spanker of a hire car on a daily basis for as long as the posting lasted? It's bad enough with SSSA FFS
Don't you get a travel allowance anyways? If you submit that for the cost of the cab and the train for every week, does that not just get paid into your wages?

In which case, if you are that bothered about the hire car, can you not just hire your own car, outside of the system?

Or am I missing something vital here?
Good point Chaff - I was hoping someone would draw that conclusion.

I got a daily hire car for a staff job I was doing some ways back for a period of around 9 months - it cost the UK taxpayer a hideously large sum of money, in fact so large I don't want to post it - but this just serves to highlight the massive financial impact that paying for individual car hires imposes.

Simply won't wash for the vast majority I'm afraid.
Darth, many thanks for the clarity - saves me a fight. So I'll toil on with the inbreds and waste hours of my life sitting at train stations - oh good.

Birduk - the cost of civilian car hire is far, far, far higher than the army contract with Lex but this is no longer a worry as I now know the whole project is dooooomed.

Borrow £200 against your bounty and buy a banger. You'll soon get more than that back for mileage claims.

and me ;)

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