Hire Afghanistan to invade Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. no its much more complicated than that

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  2. well lets sound them out

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  3. Allah Akbar Crusader dogs you have lost

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  4. This is the best Afghanistan plan I have heard

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  5. Do they have to stop at Pakistan

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  6. in short yes

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  7. in short no

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  1. Are we missing a trick here?

    Given that fighting is really all the Afghans know (unlike many of our allies), that Pakistan (or ISI) is the number one R&R station for International Terror. Given that Afghanistan has long standing territorial claims to Pakistan (and India but lets not get into that) and that the Pakistan Govt. has ‘surrendered’ in Waziristan. Given that the majority of Afghans are not really that religious and regard Pakistanis as uppity puffs, combined with the fact that Taliban rent most of their Afghans at $12 a day rates, why don’t we hire the entire Nation to head south at say $30 a day with all the loot of Islamabad etc. they can lay their hands on?

    They have done it before, more than once.

    NATO can mind the shop and build those roads while they are gone
  2. AJ, you been sneaking through my briefcase?
  3. A nutty plan....but it may just work....... :?
  4. and maybe get the Indians to do a pincer movement from the south and east? top plan m8
  5. It may end in the meltdown of that part of the world but I care not a tot. Count me in, but lets have some tea first.
  6. The other thing is that NATO could save face by claiming that the current goings on with the Brits, Canadians, Yanks etc are simply part of an extended job interview to make sure they were game enough.
  7. ...but what if Pakistan would use its nuclear weapons?
  8. Bugger, just beat me to it.......

    What I was about to say was - Jaguars and Hinds in Afghan AF colours for Air support, or maybe flown by willing ex-SovAF volunteers with an axe to grind.

    Indian Army Gurkha MW specialists as advisers, possibly Pakistanis from certain oil rich regions who have their own axe to grind? Oh and Bangladeshis who would want some too.

    Straight in , root out the whole nest of vipers, NATO , can keep the Iranians out as well as build roads, clinics and all that good stuff. Disassemble the whole mess , and build as one nation. Might I suggest the new name for this new and powerful nation be "British India"? Only a working title, but I quite like it.

    Sounds like a plan.

    Before the PakMil contingent on Arrse lose their minds - it's only a joke. ish
  9. So Waziristan etc becomes a nice shiney, flat piece of glass that is easy to build roads on. Huzzah!
  10. More importantly, what will be the rules regarding cricketers from 'British India' (working title of course) turning out for England?
  11. cool, then we could too.....
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    No point in having them if they don't get used... :twisted:
  13. I think they would be able to turn out for England, essential actually from a PsyOps point of view, in building a unified sense of belonging.
  14. I am glad you have identified this very important and relevant point Random.

    To my thinking, the opening pair and the spinners will only be allowed to play for England, and not "British India"

    I hope this makes my position clearer?

    With best regards
    Imperial British Empire Club
    Pall Mall
  15. At least there won't be any ball tampering,British ethic's fair play and all that,what?